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How do you put on a silk riding hat?

Every rider knows that safety and style go hand in hand, and nothing showcases this better than a good quality silk riding hat. To put on a silk riding hat, you first need to ensure your hair is neatly tied up and flat against your head. Then, gently pull the silk hat over your riding helmet, starting from the front and stretching it towards the back until it completely covers the helmet. The elastic edge should sit under the rim of the helmet, holding it securely in place. You may want to consider our fabulous HY Two Tone Lycra Silks, designed to provide a snug fit over any helmet.

What are hat silks made of?

Hat silks, as the name suggests, were traditionally made of silk. However, in modern times, they are made from a range of materials. Most commonly, hat silks are made from lycra or spandex, both of which offer excellent elasticity and durability. These materials ensure that the silk can stretch over the helmet and then return to its original shape when removed. Our Shires Pom Pom Hat Cover is a prime example of this, bringing together both quality and style.

Can you put a silk on a peaked riding hat?

No, Not really. Hat silks are mainly used for non peaked riding helmets. You can of course put one on a peaked hat if you wish but you will end up with a double peaked hat. Which could be quite unique in its self.

Are riding socks necessary?

Just as a good pair of riding boots is crucial for comfort and safety while riding, so too are quality riding socks. Horse riding socks serve multiple purposes. They prevent blisters by reducing friction between your foot and boot, provide cushioning for your feet, and keep you comfortable in varying weather conditions. For long rides, good socks are a must-have item.

What are horse riding socks for?

Horse riding socks are designed specifically for equestrians. They are typically high enough to prevent chafing from the top of your riding boots. They're also designed to wick away sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Check out our range of riding socks, such as the Dublin 3 Pack Horse Riding Socks and Mark Todd Horse Riding Socks, to find the perfect pair for your needs.

What do spurs do to a horse?

Spurs are used as a communication tool between rider and horse, providing subtle cues and prompts. They are not intended to harm or cause discomfort to the horse. Instead, when used correctly, they simply reinforce the leg aids given by the rider, helping to control the horse's pace and direction.

Are riding spurs cruel?

When used correctly and responsibly, riding spurs are not cruel. They are meant to be a communication aid, and should never be used to harm or punish a horse. It's all about the hands (or in this case, feet) that use them. In the wrong hands, even the mildest equipment can be misused. It's up to the rider to ensure they are using their equipment in a respectful and considerate manner.

What are the kindest spurs to use?

The kindest spurs to use are those with a smooth and rounded rowel, as they cause the least discomfort to the horse while still effectively communicating the rider's commands. Consider the Korsteel Smooth Rowell Dressage Spurs or the Korsteel Long Neck Dressage Spurs with Straps for their gentle yet effective design.

Riding is a journey, and every rider deserves the best accessories for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable ride. Explore our collection and find everything you need for your equestrian adventure.