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Explore the Ultimate Collection of Children's Horse Riding Boots at Just Horse Riders. Prioritise safety, comfort, and style. Shop now for the perfect fit!


Welcome to our lively and informative guide about children's horse riding boots at Just Horse Riders. Here, we delve into the heart of equestrian footwear, providing you with valuable insights that will transform your understanding of horse riding boots and their crucial role in your child's riding journey.

Do Kids Need Riding Boots?

Yes, kids do need riding boots and there’s a reason they aren’t called ‘just any boots’. The durability, safety and comfort that specialist children's equestrian footwear like the Woof Wear Short Yard Boot Junior provides, can't be compared to regular boots. The single strap closure and fleece lining ensures warmth and a secure fit, making them a perfect choice for young riders.

Can I Wear Any Boots for Horse Riding?

While you might be tempted to let your child ride in their favourite walking boots, they aren’t designed to meet the unique demands of horse riding. Riding boots, like the Brogini Modena Piccino Synthetic Long Boot Childs, offer superior comfort, grip, and protection that walking boots lack. They’re vegan-friendly, flex alongside your child’s foot, and protect against wear and tear, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Should You Size Up in Horse Riding Boots?

While it might be tempting to size up for growing feet, horse riding boots should fit snugly for safety and control. The Rhinegold Little Ones Jodhpur Boot Childs Baby are super lightweight and easy to clean. They come with a self-colour elasticated panel for a perfect fit, ensuring your little equestrian enthusiast is safe and comfortable.

Can You Ride a Horse in Walking Boots?

Walking boots might be comfortable for a hike, but they lack the safety features and flexibility of horse riding boots. The Hy Equestrian Erice Riding Boot not only brings style to the field but also features an elasticated back panel for superior comfort and a durable anti-skid sole for stability. For those starting their riding journey, the Dublin Foundation Childs Jodhpur Boots offer quality, comfort, and endurance. It's always better to ride in boots designed for the task!


In the world of equestrian sports, the right boot can make all the difference. Children's horse riding boots offer safety, comfort, and durability that other boots can't match. Whether you're looking for a beginner's pair or something for a more seasoned young rider, Just Horse Riders has an extensive range of children's horse riding boots. So why wait? Let's step up the game and make your child's horse riding experience safer and more enjoyable with the right boots!

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