Hy Tail Bandage - Hunter Green
This is An excellent quality cotton elasticated bandage with even stretch and tie closure. Ideal for protecting tails when travelling or stabled, and to keep them neat and clean after bathing. Machine washable.
Hy Foam Leg Pads - Navy
These pads from HY are Ideal for use under bandages to offer extra protection and prevent pressure points. The foam centre acts as a shock absorbent. 17" X 11"
Shires Arma Air Motion Brushing Boots - Raspberry
These Lightweight brushing boots from Shires come with Air Motion fabric to keep the legs cooled and help circulate the air. Supportive, compression resistant and shock absorbent with tough strike resistant pads and touch close fastenings.
Shires Arma Neoprene Over Reach Boots - Orange
This product is the neoprene over reach boots offer protection and comfort for your horse. The neoprene outer protects against scuffs and blows and prevents rubbing around the pastern. Featuring a double touch close fastening.
HyIMPACT Over Reach Boots - Pink
A quality product and great value for money. Easy fit over reach boots which offer complete protection to the hoof and coronet area. Two touch tape closures for extra durable strength.
Gallop Equestrian Double Taped Pvc Ribbed Over Reach Boots - Brown
Double Tape PVC Ribbed Bell Boots. These boots are available in traditional and striking vibrant colours designed with a ribbed outer for extra protection against knock and scrapes.Made from a hardwearing PVC and fitted with double tape closures. • Robust...
Hy Equestrian Armoured Guard Pro Protect Over reach Boots - Grey
Hy Armoured Guard Pro Protect Over Reach Boots are extremely durable boots that offer excellent protection from over reach injuries. Made from a strong yet flexible outer shell with a neoprene lining, they come complete with a comfortable neoprene collar...
Hy Equestrian Combi Leather Brushing Boots - Brown
Ultimate protection with these beautifully fitted brushing boot with luxurious soft faux fur lining to prevent rubbing and supports lower limb and protects against brushing knocks. These high quality brushing boots feature three elasticated touch tape fastenings to offer the...
Shires Breathable Poultice Boot - One Colour
Ripstop, breathable canvas poultice boot from Shires which keeps dressings secured and clean, ideal for dry poulticing. Can be washed and reused. Durable PVC base and adjustable strap closure with a click in buckle. Small – up to 12cm x...
Hy Equestrian Ringed Fleece Topped Over Reach Boots - Black
Topped with fleece to prevent sores & increase comfort, the HyIMPACT Fleece Topped Ringed Over Reach Boots are reinforced with horizontal rings for extra strength & shock absorption. Suitable for either exercise or turnout to protect against over reach injuries...
Armatouch Close Over Reach Boots - Royal Blue
These smart rubber over reach boots help deflect scuffs and protect against blows to the hoof area. Made from 6mm rubber with rubber covered touch close fastenings for a smart appearance.
Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over Reach Boot - Black
These boots from Equilibrium have been developed to provide an extremely hardwearing boot that offers safe protection from over reach injuries. The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimizes the risk of an accident resulting from the horse treading...
Weatherbeeta Travel Boots Set Of 4 - Navy/Silver
These full length Weatherbeeta Travel Boots offer great protection in a variety of colours. Featuring 1000 denier outer, soft fleece lining, and wide touch tape straps for easy fastening and security.
Saxon Fleece Trim Rubber Bell Boots - Navy/White
• Durable rubber bell boot with adjustable and secure touch tape closures • Lined with fleece along the top for comfort
HyIMPACT Pro Tendon Boots - Black
The Pro Tendon boots are quality performance boots that are flexible yet offer a high level of protection. The outer is made using a tough moulded plastic and the boots are lined with cushioned neoprene to enhance comfort. The anatomic...
HyIMPACT Brushing Boots - Pink
These boots are Perfect for protecting your horse’s legs against any knocks and bumps when being worked or during turn out. Lightweight and flexible. They have a tough padded, moulded synthetic strike pad on the inside which provides protection against...
Rhinegold Elite Full Length Travel Boots - Turquoise/Navy
Set of 4 long travel boots with tough nylon outer, nylon lined, Touch tape fastening for secure fit. Extra strengthened strike pad at heel. Extra wide touch tape for quick and easy use. Set of 4 Tough nylon outer Extra...
John Whitaker Bingley Competition Tendon Boot Set - White
The Bingley Tendon and Fetlock set feature a matte and gloss effect PU shell with branded White and Black elastic, neoprene lining for shock absorption. Tendon boots are a pin closure and Fetlock are Velcro so suitable for most competition...
Weatherbeeta Eventing Front Boots - White
These Eventing Front Boots from Weatherbeeta are an easy to care for boot that come with a waterproof outer and strong durable and secure double touch tape closures. They feature a micro perforated neoprene breathable lining that doesn’t carry water,...
Hy Equestrian Rubber Over Reach Boots - Brown
Made with moulded rubber, these ribbed over reach boots offer great protection at an affordable price. The top and bottom of the boots are strengthened with reinforced edges and reinforced stitching on the touch tape provides added security and durability....
Roma Fetlock Shears - N/A
The Roma Fetlock Shears are perfect for tidying up your horses feathers before a show.
HyIMPACT Ringed Over Reach Boots - Hot Pink
HyIMPACT Ringed Over Reach Boots are reinforced with horizontal rings for extra strength & shock absorption. Suitable for either exercise or turnout to protect against over reach injuries and pulled shoes. Made from durable rubber, they are easy to wash...
Hy Equestrian Over Reach Boots - Brilliant Blue
A quality product and great value for money. Easy fit over reach boots which offer complete protection to the hoof and coronet area. Two touch tape closures for extra durable strength.
Equilibrium Tri-Zone Fetlock Boots - Black
A super lightweight and protective boot which complies with the standards set by the FEI and British Show jumping (2020). Flexible and non-restrictive. Simple non-elastic fastening, tough strike guard and a smooth cushioned inner lining for maximum comfort. AVAILABLE FOR...
Shires Poultice Boot - Blue
This tough, waterproof poultice boot from Shires is particularly useful when continuous soaking of the hoof is necessary. It can also be used to keep dressings secure and clean. The wide neck is drawn shut with a buckle, and secured...
Shires Fleece Bandages - Navy
These bandages from Shires are soft and warm, ideal for support and protection in the stable, when travelling or during exercise or work. Non-stretch soft fleece with touch close fastenings to keep them in place. Also known as Polo Bandages....
Shires Arma Tendon Boots - Black/Plum
This product offers protection to vulnerable areas whilst open straps allow the horse to feel his way. These ARMA open fronted tendon boots have a flexible, impact resistant hard outer shell which deflects blows on contact. The dense, perforated neoprene...
Roma Reflective Brushing Boots - Yellow
These great quality brushing boots have three white reflective straps, making them ideal for hacking out in.
Roma Elastic Tail Bandage - Hunter Green
Good quality elasticated tail bandage with tape tie fastenings
Weatherbeeta Deluxe Travel Boots - Black
These travel boots come with a durable and strong 1200 Denier outer protection with dense foam inner and nylon lining for comfort. Extra length for combined knee and hock protection with PVC strike pads around the bottom and additional strike...
Weatherbeeta Dynamic Open Front Boots - White
These front boots feature a lightweight and durable outer, shapes to the horses leg with a memory foam inner for maximum comfort and protection. Quick and easy to use loop back closure.
Shires Hot/Cold Relief Boots - Black
These Versatile therapeutic boots from shires are for the lower leg to treat ligaments and tendons. Use hot or cold to assist with recovery after strenuous exercise or injury, reduce swelling, encourage blood flow to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, relax...
Shires Temporary Shoe Boot - Black
This temporary shoe boot from Shires that protects the tender frog and sole from injury in the event of a lost shoe. The simple pull-on design allows for easy fitting. It secures with a strong nylon strap and protects without...
Whitaker Tendon & Fetlock Boot Set Skipton - White
This set is made from a matte effect PU shell with a shock absorbing neoprene lining. Features double fold, branded touch tape fastening and two velcro straps.
Mark Todd Pro XC Carbon Brushing Boots - One Colour
Carbon design high density strike pad gives effective shock absorption, with secure hook and loop fastenings and TGP foam inner. Small & Medium 2 Straps, Large 3 Straps
Arma Neoprene Brushing Boots - Royal Blue
Perfect for everyday use, these neoprene brushing boots feature padded, contoured strike pads and touch close fastenings.
HyIMPACT Lambskin Over Reach Boots - Large
These boots are strong, smart and are even complemented with a soft and luxurious lambskin collar. Ideal for schooling and warm up. Sold in pairs