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What is the Purpose of Exercise Sheets for Horses?

Exercise sheets, also known as exercise rugs or quarter sheets, are used to keep a horse warm and comfortable during workouts, particularly during the colder months. A top pick in our collection is the WHITAKER ROTHWELL ROLL-UP RAIN SHEET. This sheet's innovative design allows it to roll up and store away easily when not in use, offering both convenience and functionality.

What is the Purpose of a Quarter Sheet?

Quarter sheets cover the horse's hindquarters, acting as an additional layer of warmth for muscles that may be prone to cooling too rapidly after exercise. The WHITAKER EXERCISE SHEET SYDNEY serves this purpose brilliantly. It offers the ideal combination of warmth and flexibility, making it a practical addition to any equestrian's collection.

What are Riding Rugs for?

Riding rugs, like the REFLECTOR MESH EXERCISE SHEET BY HY EQUESTRIAN, are designed to protect the horse from various weather conditions during riding, whether it be cold, rain, or even excessive sunlight. They also have the added benefit of keeping the horse visible and safe due to their reflective properties.

Do You Use a Saddle Pad with a Quarter Sheet?

Yes, you can certainly use a saddle pad with a quarter sheet. The saddle pad goes directly on the horse's back, under the saddle, while the quarter sheet is typically draped over the horse's hindquarters. A good example is the STORMX ORIGINAL FLEECE EXERCISE SHEET, which works excellently with a saddle pad. The fleece material provides a layer of comfort for the horse and acts as an excellent thermal regulator during workouts.

In summary, exercise sheets play a crucial role in maintaining your horse's comfort during training and riding. Whether you're looking for something to keep your horse warm during the cold months, a reflective sheet for safety, or a quarter sheet to prevent muscles from cooling too quickly post-workout, our range of Exercise Sheets offers a diverse selection to cater to your equestrian needs. Check out our comprehensive collection today and make your pick based on your horse's unique requirements.