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Explore Lincoln Horse Care: Top Picks for Your Equine Partner

Welcome to the world of Lincoln Horse Care, a brand revered for its exceptional products that cater to the needs of both horse and rider. Since 1980, they have been at the forefront of providing top-quality equestrian products. As proud retailers, we at Just Horse Riders are delighted to share with you the best of Lincoln Horse Care.

Commitment to Excellence in Equestrian Products

Understanding the unique needs of horses and riders is what sets Lincoln Horse Care apart. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every product, ranging from gentle shampoos to healthy hoof care. For instance, the Lincoln Biotin Tablets, available at our store, are a perfect example of their dedication to quality.

Lincoln Biotin Tablets - Spa Treatment for Hooves

Expert Insights and Advice for Equestrians

Lincoln Horse Care's dedication extends beyond products. They provide valuable insights and tips on horse care, riding techniques, and much more. Their mission aligns perfectly with ours at Just Horse Riders – to empower equestrians of all levels with the best products and knowledge.

Embracing the Equestrian Lifestyle

Being an equestrian is a lifestyle, and Lincoln Horse Care's products are designed to enhance this experience. From grooming to nutritional needs, like the Lincoln Stable Deodoriser, available in our store, they cover all bases.

Lincoln Stable Deodoriser - Keeping Stables Fresh

Why Choose Lincoln Horse Care Products?

Lincoln Horse Care's long-standing reputation and innovative approach to horse care products make them a brand we proudly recommend. Their products, like the pampering Lincoln Tub O Treats, are testament to their quality and innovation.

Lincoln Tub O Treats - Pampering Your Equine Friends

British Quality and Innovation in Equine Care

As a retailer, we value Lincoln Horse Care's commitment to British manufacturing and their use of high-quality ingredients. Products like their Lincoln Yea Sacc 30 are perfect examples of their dedication to equine health.

Lincoln Yea Sacc 30 - Advanced Nutritional Support

Discover Lincoln Herbs for Equine Health

In our quest to offer the best, we present Lincoln Herbs, their range of natural supplements. Lincoln Herbs, like the Himalayan Salt Lick, symbolize a natural approach to equine nutrition.

Lincoln Himalayan Salt Lick - Natural Rock Salts for Horses

Partnering with Lincoln Horse Care for Excellence

At Just Horse Riders, we're proud to partner with Lincoln Horse Care in offering products that contribute to equestrian excellence. Explore our range, from Jodhpur Collection to Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements, for all your equine needs.

Thank you for trusting us at Just Horse Riders as your go-to source for Lincoln Horse Care products. We're here to support your equestrian journey with quality products and advice. For more, visit our website at