Protect Your Steed with Lincoln's Finest Fly Repellents

When the sun is high and the fields are green, our four-legged friends aren’t the only ones enjoying the great outdoors. Yes, I’m talking about the uninvited guests at the equine banquet – flies, gnats, and those pesky midges. But fear not, dear horse enthusiasts! Just Horse Riders brings you Lincoln's elite squadron of fly repellents to safeguard your noble beasts.

The Ultimate Shield: LINCOLN POWER REPEL

First on our list is the LINCOLN POWER REPEL. Boasting a dual-action formula that wields the mighty power of Deet plus PMD, this repellent is like a knight's armor against flying adversaries. Effective for up to 12 delightful hours, it's your horse’s personal bodyguard, smelling like a fresh lemongrass breeze.

Why It’s a Game-Changer

  • Up to 12 hours of protection
  • Pleasant lemongrass oil fragrance
  • Dual action formulation for a broad defense


Next in our lineup is LINCOLN DITCH THE ITCH, your go-to summer companion. Inspired by African tribal wisdom, this powerful formula offers extended protection, making it the perfect ally during high bite seasons. Keep your horse comfortable, happy, and focused on being its fabulous self, without the constant battle against midges.

Summer Relief, Redefined

  • Extended protection against biting midges
  • Ideal for horses susceptible to sweet itch
  • Inspired by native African tribal techniques


And for those who appreciate the tried-and-true, we present the LINCOLN CLASSIC FLY REPELLENT LIQUID. With its potent, dual-action formula that includes DEET and PMD, this is the Excalibur against the annoying aerial foes that dare challenge your horse's peace. It's a traditional favorite for a reason, offering steadfast protection when the flies come calling.

Classic Protection, Modern Efficacy

  • Solvent-based solution for superior protection
  • Incorporates DEET and PMD for a robust defense
  • An essential addition to your equine care arsenal

Explore the Lincoln Collection

Now that you're equipped with knowledge about Lincoln’s finest, why stop there? Dive into our extensive Lincoln Equestrian collection for everything from treats to coat care. Each product is curated to ensure your horse's health, happiness, and, let's be honest, to make them the envy of every equine on the block.

Don’t Forget the Snacks!

While you're protecting your horse from those pesky flies, why not treat them to something special? Our Lincoln Horse Treats collection offers a variety of snacks that will make your horse neigh with joy. Because a snack a day keeps the grumpiness away!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Last but not least, ensure your horse is the shining star of the show (or the stable) with products from our Lincoln Horse Coat Care collection. From shampoos to conditioners, we have everything to make your horse's coat glisten in the sun, making every other horse green with envy (if they could see colors, that is).

Parting Thoughts

With Lincoln's range of fly repellents and Just Horse Riders' dedication to bringing you the best of equestrian care, this summer is set to be a breeze. Remember, a happy horse is a happy rider. So, let's gear up, saddle up, and keep those unwelcome guests away, ensuring nothing but clear skies and joyful rides ahead.

Explore our collections, find your perfect match, and join the ranks of satisfied equestrians who choose Just Horse Riders for all their horse care needs. Happy riding!