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Stirrup Leathers: A Guide to Choosing, Using, and Maintaining the Perfect Pair

If you're an equestrian enthusiast or a horse riding professional, you'll agree that the quality of your equipment can significantly impact your riding experience. One of these key equipment pieces is the stirrup leathers. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on everything stirrup leathers, helping you make informed decisions for your equestrian needs.

What size of stirrup leathers do I need?

The size of your stirrup leathers is crucial to your riding comfort and safety. Generally, your height and riding style determine the size. But to get more specific, you might consider Shires Blenheim Stirrup Leathers, which come highly recommended by customers, especially for the young ones. They boast quality, lovely leather and arrive quickly!

Do stirrup leathers make a difference?

Yes, they do! The right pair of stirrup leathers significantly affects your balance and control while riding. A top-quality pair, like the HY Stirrup Leathers, pre-stitched with numbered holes and stainless steel buckles, can give you that much-needed stability and durability.

When should I replace my stirrup leather?

Stirrup leathers should be replaced when they show signs of wear, cracking, or when the holes become stretched. You can also consider the easy-care option, like the Shires Easy Care Non Stretch Stirrup Leathers, well-priced and softening well with neatsfoot oil application.

Which stirrup is better to use 90 or 135 why?

90-degree stirrups are generally better for activities requiring a secure foot position, while 135-degree stirrups offer more mobility. The choice depends on your personal preference, discipline, and comfort.

What is the correct stirrup length for English riding?

The correct stirrup length for English riding depends on the discipline. Dressage riders often use longer stirrups, like the HKM Stirrup Leathers Dressage Per Pair, reinforced with a nylon band, although some find them a bit long.

How long should my stirrup be when riding?

The length of your stirrup while riding should allow your legs to comfortably reach the horse's sides without stretching. It's essential to adjust according to your height, horse size, and riding discipline. For some extra sparkle, consider the gorgeous Rosciano Rose Gold Stirrup Leathers by Hy Equestrian, a perfect addition to your equestrian gear.


Choosing the perfect stirrup leathers can significantly enhance your horse riding experience. Make sure to consider the size, quality, and the discipline you're into while making a choice. With the right pair, every ride can be comfortable, safe, and rewarding. Head over to our stirrup leathers collection and explore the perfect pair for your needs today!