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Crack the Cold with Cosy Conquerors: Equestrian Winter Riding Gloves!

If you thought the Game of Thrones winter was tough, try horse riding in the UK winter without proper gloves! Welcome to your survival guide for choosing the perfect winter riding gloves.

Are Leather Gloves Good for Winter Riding?

You bet your horse's left hoof they are! Especially when you get your hands, quite literally, on something like the Hy Equestrian Thinsulate Leather Winter Horse Riding Gloves. With windproof leather and Thinsulate lining, these gloves offer a durable defence against winter weather.

Are Winter Riding Gloves Very Thick?

Think warm, not bulky. The beauty of high-quality winter riding gloves is in their thermal efficiency, not in resembling a boxing glove. Like the Mark Todd Winter Horse Riding Gloves with Thinsulate. As one satisfied customer raved, "These gloves are good quality, warm and a lovely fit."

Do Winter Horse Riding Gloves Actually Keep Your Fingers Warm?

As much as a hot chocolate on a chilly day! But without the mess. They provide warmth without sacrificing your grip or dexterity. For example, the Rhinegold Synthetic Winter Horse Riding Gloves are lined with Thinsulate and offer a soft, stretchy fit.

Can You Get Waterproof and Warm Horse Riding Gloves?

Why, of course! It's like asking if you can get a horse that gallops and neighs. The Shires Aubrion Winter Work Horse Riding Gloves are perfect for yard work. These gloves are waterproof, warm, and offer full control even when wet.

How Do Winter Horse Riding Gloves Work?

They do more than just keep your hands from freezing. They ensure you maintain an excellent grip on the reins and provide durability. The Hy5 Children's Winter Two Tone Horse Riding Gloves are fleece gloves with a suede palm for added grip and are ideal for winter.

In conclusion, winter riding gloves are an essential investment for any serious equestrian. They keep you warm, dry, and in control, come hail or high snowfall! So saddle up and check out our winter riding gloves collection. Your hands will thank you!

How to measure for horse riding gloves?

Here we have a short video on how to measure up for horse riding gloves and a few tips on how you know if they fit or not. Enjoy!