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Best Horse Riding Gloves in UK: Just Horse Riders’ Ultimate Guide

Hey there, horse riders! Do you consider your horse riding gloves just a fashion statement or do you appreciate their protective virtues? At Just Horse Riders, we know that these seemingly simple accessories can either make or break your horse riding experience. So saddle up, because we’re about to take you on a wild ride into the world of horse riding gloves!

Can you wear normal gloves for horse riding?

Well, you could wear your fluffy mittens too, but we doubt your horse would appreciate the fashion faux pas! Jokes aside, horse riding gloves are designed specifically for the sport. They offer the right amount of grip and protect your hands from blisters and the elements. Normal gloves may lack these qualities and could interfere with the communication between you and your horse.

How should horse riding gloves fit?

Your horse riding gloves should fit like, well, a glove! They should be snug but not tight, and your fingers should have enough room to move freely. This ensures that you have the flexibility to control the reins effectively. Try the Shires Newbury Horse Riding Gloves for a perfect fit!

How do you wash horse riding gloves?

Though the idea of bashing them on rocks by the river sounds fun, we recommend a more gentle approach. Most gloves can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle. But make sure to check the cleaning instructions on your specific gloves.

How do you keep your hands still when riding a horse?

Keeping your hands still while horse riding is an art, indeed! But don't worry, a pair of good horse riding gloves can provide the grip you need. Try the Mark Todd Leather Riding/Show Horse Riding Gloves. They offer excellent grip, and the reinforced fingers help keep your hands steady.

Should riding gloves be tight?

Riding gloves should fit comfortably, but not too tight. If they're too tight, you might end up with uncomfortable pressure points or poor circulation. Always aim for a snug fit that doesn't restrict your finger movements. Look for adjustable features like the Velcro closure on Equetech Leather Show Horse Riding Gloves to ensure a perfect fit.

How should your hands be when riding?

Your hands play a critical role in directing your horse. They should be held in a relaxed, yet firm manner – think of holding a baby bird: not too loose that it flies away, not too tight that it's crushed. Keep your hands at waist level and maintain a straight line from your elbow through your hand to the horse's mouth. This position will allow you to guide your horse subtly and efficiently.

How do you keep your hands when riding a horse?

Picture this: you're at a fancy dinner party and you're delicately holding your tea cup with your pinky extended. That’s exactly how not to hold your reins! Your hands should be slightly apart, thumbs on top, and fingers closed around the reins. This secure yet gentle hold allows you to communicate effectively with your horse without causing discomfort. If you're unsure about your grip, Shires Newbury Horse Riding Gloves for Children have rubber pimples and reinforced riding grips to guide your hold.

How do I stop my hands from bouncing when I sit trot?

Stop bouncing? But we love a good boogie! Unfortunately, your horse might not share the same sentiment. The trick here is to maintain a relaxed upper body and move harmoniously with your horse's motion. An excellent way to improve your stability is to wear good quality horse riding gloves. Try the Shires Newbury Horse Riding Gloves that offer a secure grip and make it easier to maintain a steady hold on the reins.

How can I train my hands to be more stable?

Does the idea of juggling while on horseback sound exciting? We thought not! To keep your hands stable, you need to build your core strength and practice your riding posture. Horse riding gloves can also be beneficial here. A pair like the Equetech Leather Show Horse Riding Gloves provides excellent grip, helping you maintain a steady connection with your horse.

How do you soften your hands when riding?

Hands softer than a feather? Sounds like a dream! Soft hands equate to gentle and responsive rein handling. It's all about being flexible in your wrists and sensitive to your horse's mouth. You don't want to yank the reins or hold them too loosely. The right horse riding gloves can make a big difference here. Check out the Hy5 Extreme Reflective Softshell Horse Riding Gloves with its soft grip palm for that soft yet effective touch!


So there you have it! A crash course in the art of selecting and maintaining horse riding gloves. Remember, your gloves are more than a stylish accessory; they're your trusted partners in your horse riding adventures. Whether it's the Hy5 Reflective Softshell Horse Riding Gloves or the Mark Todd Leather Riding/Show Horse Riding Gloves, find your perfect pair at Just Horse Riders today and let your hands do the talking!