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Choosing the Best Safety Stirrups: A Sure-Footed Guide for Horse Riders

When it comes to the equestrian world, no detail is too small to consider - especially when it relates to safety. You've nailed down the perfect saddle, picked out the right bridle, and even have a collection of jodhpurs that would make any dressage rider jealous. But have you ever considered the important role your stirrups play in your riding adventures? The right pair of stirrups, especially safety stirrups, can significantly enhance your riding experience and, more importantly, your safety while on horseback. So, let's hoof into it!

What are the essential features to consider when choosing riding boots suitable for rainy conditions?

In the rainy UK conditions, your riding boots must be waterproof, with a good grip and ideally a moisture-wicking lining. An insulated pair will keep your toes toasty during those chilly morning rides. But the same level of attention needs to be applied when picking your safety stirrups. Just as you need reliable footing in wet weather, your safety stirrups need to ensure your foot doesn't get caught in case of a tumble.

What is a safety stirrup?

A safety stirrup, like the Shires Fillis Peacock Stirrups, is designed with rider safety as the primary concern. These stirrups feature a thick rubber band which detaches easily if required, offering greater protection during rides. So even in the event of an unexpected dismount, your foot isn't trapped, reducing the risk of injury.

Which way round do safety stirrups go?

Safety stirrups should be placed with the curved or opening side facing forward. This allows your foot to slip free in case of a fall. To ensure your riding experience is as safe as possible, it's important to use all safety equipment correctly, including safety stirrups. Don't worry, no judgment here. We all have those 'which way round does this go?' moments!

What size safety stirrups do I need?

The size of your safety stirrups largely depends on the size of your riding boots. As a rule, there should be about a finger's width on each side of your boot when placed in the stirrup. This gives your foot room to move, but not so much that it could easily slip out while riding or, worse, get trapped during a fall.

How do safety stirrups work?

The magic of safety stirrups lies in their design. Products like the Lorina Bent Leg Safety Stirrup Irons and the Korsteel Safety Stirrup Irons have a slight bend or opening which allows the rider's foot to slide out more easily than conventional irons. This, in turn, minimises the risk of your foot getting caught, ensuring you dismount safely, whether you planned it or not!


From your helmet to your boots, every piece of equestrian kit matters. And your stirrups are no exception. Remember, safety should always be your top priority, and investing in a pair of quality safety stirrups is a step in the right direction. Now you have a better understanding of safety stirrups and their importance, it's time to make an informed decision for your next purchase.

So, why wait? Take the reins now and invest in the best safety stirrups for your riding endeavours. Visit Just Horse Riders and explore our safety stirrup collection today!