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A Glove Story: Unveiling the Best Leather Horse Riding Gloves

Grab your reins and saddle up, equestrian enthusiasts, because we're about to embark on a journey to discover the best Leather Horse Riding Gloves in the UK! These glove tales are no ordinary stories. They involve unrivalled grip, impeccable style, and most importantly, they come straight from our heart... and our collection at Just Horse Riders!

What gloves should I wear for a horse riding competition?

For a horse riding competition, you cannot go wrong with the Mark Todd Leather Riding/Show Horse Riding Gloves. These gloves are as soft and supple as the nose of your favourite pony and provide excellent rein grip, making them an equestrian's best friend during competitions.

Do leather riding gloves give you more grip when riding?

Indeed, they do! Leather riding gloves like the Shires Aubrion Leather Horse Riding Gloves provide a non-slip grip, ensuring that the reins stay firmly in your hands. It's almost like they're pleading, "Don't let go, Jack!" (No Titanic endings here, folks.)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather riding gloves?

Leather riding gloves like our Equetech Leather Show Horse Riding Gloves have plenty of perks. They are durable, offer excellent grip, and scream sophistication. However, they might demand a bit more care than synthetic ones to keep them in mint condition. After all, great power comes with great responsibility!

How expensive are horse riding gloves?

Quality equestrian gloves like our Hy Equestrian Thinsulate Leather Winter Horse Riding Gloves offer top-notch value. Remember, these are not just gloves; they're a statement! You'll be leaving a trail of style and performance in your trot.

Do you have to wear leather riding gloves for dressage competitions?

While there's no rule set in stone, leather gloves are highly recommended for dressage competitions. And our Mark Todd Leather Riding/Show Horse Riding Gloves are your perfect dance partner for this equine ballet.

Are leather riding gloves good for yard work?

If by yard work, you mean making hay bales levitate with a flick of your wrist, probably not. But for handling yard tools and offering protection while dealing with horses, absolutely! Just take a gander at our Shires Aubrion Leather Horse Riding Gloves.


There you have it, folks! From enhancing your grip to making a stylish statement at dressage, leather horse riding gloves are the real deal. So, whether you're a professional equestrian or a casual rider, head over to Just Horse Riders, where your perfect pair of leather gloves awaits!

How to measure for horse riding gloves?

Here we have a short video on how to measure up for horse riding gloves and a few tips on how you know if they fit or not. Enjoy!