Horsemen s Pride Rail Razer - Red
Lightweight and easy to move, they safely lift trotting poles off the ground for conditioning and training. The interlocking pieces make it simple to elevate poles to any desired height. 49.53 x 17.78 x 13.97 cm; 793.79 Grams
Harold Moore Hand Scoop - Purple
This scoop from Harold Moore is a Lightweight durable plastic. Small: Approximately 500g per scoop. Medium: Approximately 750g per scoop. Large: Approximately 1kg per scoop.
Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof - with Sprayer - One Colour
This is a Waterproofing for fabric and leather combination footwear with sprayer. Ideal for Gore-Tex, SympaTex and eVENT.
Shires Spare Manure Fork - Long Handle - Metal
Handle length: 83cm (33") Plastic manure scoop not included.
Vetsonic Sirocco - One Colour
This product from Vetsonic is a horse litter conditioner specially formulated from a combination of highly absorbent mineral and vegetal compounds and essential oils, to provide an effective sanitation of stables and box-stall environments. It absorbs fluids and moisture from...
Equimins Stable Fresh Powder Disinfect - One Colour
This product from equimins is a stable floor freshener and odour eater. Disinfects stable floors as well as helping to remove ammonia smells from urine. It may be used as often as required. Great for horseboxes, trailers and kennels. Anti-viral,...
Shires Steel Hoop Dressage Markers (4-Rsvp) - Black
Steel hoops that stick in the ground to mark out a dressage arena. Size: 69cm (27") tall x 22.5cm (9") wide
Battles Black Fluid - One Colour
This is a water miscible black fluid for general use
Hy Stable Guard - One Colour
These are A smart, nylon stall guard complete with 4 stainless steel trigger clips to easily hold it in place. With silver piping around the edge and Hy signature embroidery.
Hillbrush Feed Scoop Medium - Blue
When it comes to scoops this is the scoop which will scoop more than anything, its round/rectangular design makes it perfect for using it for feed. Small - 145mm long x 60mm deep x 110mm wide, solid polypropylene scoop. Medium...
Tusk Smite Professional Rtu Spray - N/A
This spray from Tusk is fast action powerful biocidal disinfectant which kills micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. Red mite and parasite treatment and disinfectant, effective against mite and parasite eggs. Highly efficient cleaner and super degreasant, ideal for removing organic matter...
Stubbs Feed Scoop Plastic S80 - White
This scoop from Stubbs Tough stubbythene moulding with stubbyfine coated steel handle. Graduated markings. Height 10cm and width 23cm. Dry capacity 2 litres.
Harold Moore Universal Stirrer - Green
These Universal Stirrers are A strong plastic stirrer ideal for mixing milk and feed. Sterilisable.
Weatherbeeta Hay Bag - Dark Blue/Grey/White
Strong 1200 denier hay bag ideal for everyday use or while travelling with large feeding hole at the front, 2 D-rings, 1 at the front and 1 at the back to allow for easy hanging. Reduces mess and wastage, saving...
Horsemen s Pride Stall Chain - Red
This stall chain from Horsemans Pride is a 1 1/8 diameter extra sturdy vinyl chain to give your horse access to more fresh air and light, whilst making sure he stays in his stable. Includes two trigger hooks to secure...
Harold Moore Hand Scoop Medium - White
This Scoop from Harold Moore Lightweight, durable and easy to clean, this hand scoop is ideal for those medium capacity jobs. With finger grips designed to provide comfort and usability. Designed for use with a wide range of solid materials....
Shires Swivel Tie Ring - Metal
With this swivel ring it will help prevents halter ropes from becoming twisted. Rust proof galvanized steel.
Equilife Tlc Frog Supports - N/A
These supports from Equilife are a pair of resilient cushioning frog supports. Simply bandage to the feet of laminitis and founder cases to provide instant relief by relieving laminar strain. Length 88mm, width at widest point 53mm.
Leovet Disinfectant Spray - N/A
This spray from Leovet is a reliable disinfectant against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Composition based on the latest scientific research. Very effective on a large range of micro-organisms. A clear solution which disinfects gently.
Leovet Anti-Bite C/W Sprayer - N/A
This product from Leovet is designed to stop stable gnawing and mane chewing with the active components bitrex and Spanish pepper. Poses absolutely no risk to the horse's health.
Fisher Alvin A103 Equine Drinker - N/A
This drinker from Fisher Alvin comes with heavy gauge steel, galvanised after manufacture. Finished with no sharp edges or corners to protect your animals. Fitted with BS1212/PT2 mains pressure ball valve as standard, therefore suitable for direct mains supply. Drain...
Harold Moore Hand Scoop Large - White
This scoop from Harold Moore is the largest hand scoop they do and is lightweight and ideal for scooping significant quantities of feed, vitamins and supplements. With finger grips designed to provide comfort and usability. Designed for use with a...
Stubbs Lidded Hay Roller (S4180) - Blue
This is a great boredom breaker/slow feeder - and it stops hay blowing around the field. The conical shape rolls in a circle so it does not go straight across a field and under a hedge or fence. It is...
Robinson Dressing Scissors - One Colour
Straight edge for cutting dressings. Supplied in a wallet.
HySHINE Magic Touch Quarter Marker Spray - One Colour
This Create eye-catching designs with a hold that lasts all day. This Quarter Marker Spray helps to accentuate your horse's quarter marks, and dries quickly - making it perfect for those last minute applications. Produces an even finish that brushes...
GPC Plastic Static Step Stool - One Colour
This GPC Plastic static step stool Manufactured from high quality plastic. Complies to EN-14183 Standard. Lightweight yet durable 2 step unit. Large anti-slip platform and feet. Max load 130kg evenly distributed. Size 470 x 510 x 400.
Equissential - One Colour
Equissential has been accredited as a genuine scientific breakthrough and removes ammonia on contact, offering horses an enhanced living environment, enabling improved breathing conditions whilst stabled, convalescing or travelling.
Battles Trigger Sprayer For Dairy Fly Spray - One Colour
This is A fine sprayer for Dairy Fly Spray. This Simply fits onto the 4.5 litre can.
Aqueos Stable & Multi-Use Disinfectant - One Colour
This Stable & Multi-Use Disinfectant from Aqueos is designed to kill bacteria, fungi & viruses in seconds. Carries on working after application. Horses can return to treated areas immediately. Aqueos is very powerful, has the same chemical hazard rating as...
Shires Corn Scoop - Green
This Lightweight scoop from Shires is made from frost proof, durable polythene.
Stubbs Self Adhesive Labels Number - One Colour
Self adhesive labels for sticking to a variety of surfaces. Width 216mm, height 214mm including a 2mm backing boarder.
Stubbs Self Adhesive Labels Letter - One Colour
Self adhesive labels for sticking to a variety of surfaces. Width 216mm, height 214mm including a 2mm backing boarder.
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