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Unleash Your Equestrian Spirit with Our Quality Stirrups Treads

Riding isn't just about skill, it's about having the right gear. At Just Horse Riders, we offer a selection of Quality Stirrups Treads that elevate your riding experience.

What is tread on a stirrup?

Tread on a stirrup refers to the footrest part. It's designed to offer stability and control when riding. For example, Shires Matrix Stirrup Treads come with a durable plastic design that stops your foot from going through the stirrup.

What size stirrup treads do I need?

The size of the stirrup tread depends on your foot size and stirrup type. Shires Compositi Premium Profile Stirrup Treads come in both adult (4.75") and child (4") sizes.

Are there different types of stirrup Treads?

Yes, there are different types of stirrup treads, each designed to suit various equestrian needs. For instance, Korsteel Knife Edge Stirrup Treads are perfect for knife edge stirrup irons, available in Black or White.

How do you measure stirrup treads?

To measure, start from the inside of the tread, from one side to the other. Regardless of the measurement, we have a selection of Lorina Stirrup Treads Dressage and Shires Stirrup Treads for any size requirement.

In conclusion, stirrup treads are an integral part of your horse riding gear. Depending on your need, there's a type, size, and design for you at Just Horse Riders. Don't hold back your equestrian spirit, explore our Quality Stirrups Treads collection and upgrade your riding experience today!