• Childs Riding Essentials

    Childs Riding Essentials
    Getting into riding can be extremely exciting. However for some buying the correct gear is quite difficult when you dont know what you need.
  • Winter weather hoof care

    Winter weather hoof care
    During winter the ideal hoof care is oil based. When applied to clean, dry hooves it can help to prevent excessive moisture levels from contributing to damaging the hooves. It can also be used to help prevent moisture from entering holes such as nail holes or cracks. There are also a wide range of supplements that can be fed daily to help encourage healthy...
  • Winter Games For You & Your Dog

    Winter Games For You & Your Dog
    1. Monkey In the Middle Monkey in the middle is a simple game that will help your dog burn energy. Grab your dog's favorite toy and toss it back and forth between you and your partner, while your pup stands in the middle. Your dog will have fun running between the two of you trying to catch the toy. Every once in awhile, let...
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