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Discover the Elegance of John Whitaker Jodhpurs and Breeches

Stride with Style: John Whitaker's Equestrian Elegance

Looking for the perfect blend of style, comfort, and equestrian flair? Look no further than John Whitaker's jodhpurs and breeches. These aren't just any riding pants; they're a fashion statement with a practical twist, tailor-made for the style-savvy equestrian.

For the Gents: Clayton Men's Grip Knee Breech

Let's talk about the JOHN WHITAKER CLAYTON MENS GRIP KNEE BREECH. Gents, we know you want to look sharp while staying comfortable during your ride. That's why these breeches are a game-changer. They feature a pleated design for added sophistication and silicone printed knee grips for that extra hold when you're taking those tight turns. Plus, they have pockets with poppers – because who doesn't love pockets?

John Whitaker Clayton Men's Grip Knee Breech - Pleated design with comfortable stretch fabric

For the Ladies: Clayton Ladies Grip Knee Breech

And for the ladies, we present the JOHN WHITAKER CLAYTON LADIES GRIP KNEE BREECH. Crafted from a soft touch, high-performance fabric, these breeches are not just for competitions; they're perfect for all-day wear. Flattering, comfortable, and with a seamless silicone printed knee patch – what more could you ask for?

John Whitaker Clayton Ladies Grip Knee Breech with high performance fabric and shape enhancing style

Don't Forget the Shore Riding Tights

Oh, and we can't forget the WHITAKER SHORE RIDING TIGHTS. These aren't your average riding tights; they're like the Swiss Army knife of equestrian apparel. Full silicone seat for grip, stretchy fabric for comfort, and did we mention the phone pockets? Yes, pockets for your phone! Because let's be real, who rides without their phone these days?

Whitaker Shore Riding Tights with full silicone seat and supportive waistband

So, whether you're galloping on the field or just trotting around town, John Whitaker's collection at Just Horse Riders has got you covered. Pair these with our fabulous Horse Riding Boot Collection and Gloves to complete your look. And hey, why not throw in some Horse Treats and Gifts for your equine friend? After all, a happy horse equals a happy rider!

Happy riding and shopping!