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The Horse-some Truth About Joints

Ahoy, dear equestrians! Ever thought about the fact that our four-legged friends, with their galloping majesties, have joints that carry the weight of our dreams (and us)? Jokes aside, it's of paramount importance that we dive headfirst into the vast ocean of joint health. So, saddle up, as we're about to trot through the maze of horse joint know-how.

Why Your Horse's Joints Deserve A Medal

First things first, let's talk about why joint health in horses is the real MVP. Consider this: you're a horse. You've got this glorious mane, a sassy tail, and you're expected to jump hurdles, run faster than the wind, and possibly, do a little dance (dressage, anyone?). All these activities? They require top-notch joints. Not to scare you, but the wear and tear on these joints? It's like the wear on your favourite pair of riding boots. Over time, things can get a bit... creaky.


Speaking of creaky, let me introduce you to our first hero in the horse joint saga - the NAF FIVE STAR SUPERFLEX LIQUID. This potion, my friends, is no less than magic. With a concoction of glucosamine and chondroitin, this NAF product is like the spa day your horse's joints have been dreaming of. But wait! It doesn't stop at the relaxation; it goes the extra mile by addressing the excess toxin build-up around the joint. Talk about a full-service experience!

Joints And Their Celebrity Lifestyle

Much like the divas of the horse world, joints have their little tantrums. They need consistent TLC. And the reason is pretty straightforward. Every time your horse takes a leap, performs a canter, or even a simple trot, their joints are performing acrobatics. Over time, without the right care (and trust me, saying "You're doing amazing, sweetie" doesn't count), things can go south. The cartilage can wear down, the lubricating synovial fluid can get as thin as your patience on a bad hair day, and voilà, we've got joint deterioration on our hands, or hooves in this case.


But fear not! The cavalry is here. Another knight in shining armor is the NAF FIVE STAR SUPERFLEX. With a similar scientifically balanced ratio like its liquid cousin, this bad boy tackles the excess toxin build-up and ensures that your horse's joints remain in the limelight they so thoroughly deserve. Yes, it's the celebrity treatment for the star joints!

The Unsung Heroes: MSM, Glucosamine & Company

So you might be thinking, "Glucosa-what now?" or "MS-who?" These might sound like fancy names for your next horse (seriously, imagine yelling “Glucosamine, heel!”), but in reality, they're absolute wonders for joint health.


First, meet NAF GLUCOSAMINE 10 000 PLUS WITH MSM. As its rather lengthy name suggests, it’s packed with glucosamine and MSM. Glucosamine is the kingpin of cartilage formation and repair, while MSM is the wizard behind reducing inflammation and pain. Think of them as the dynamic duo that keeps Batman (your horse) fighting fit in Gotham (or, you know, the dressage ring).

The Mysterious World of Herbs and Extracts

Journeying further into the magical realm of joint care, we discover that not all solutions come from a lab. Mother Nature herself has whipped up a few potions and mixtures to keep those joints prancing.


Enter the NAF DEVILS RELIEF. No, it’s not some medieval sorcery; it’s a combination of herbs and natural extracts. The star of the show here is devils claw, which might sound like something you'd find in a witch's brew, but is actually an age-old remedy for discomfort in horses. Especially suited for those prone to stiffness or for the more "seasoned" horses in the bunch. And a word to the wise, if your mare is expecting, she might want to sit this one out.

Remember The Senior Stars!

As the curtain begins to close on our second act, let's not forget about our senior equestrian stars. Just like wine, some horses get better with age, but that doesn’t mean their joints do. As they trot gracefully into their golden years, a little extra joint support can make a world of difference.


Bring in the NAF FIVE STAR SUPERFLEX SENIOR. A formulation tailor-made for the older but still very active equine athletes. Combining joint support nutrients with omega 3 fatty acids and naturally sourced antioxidants, it's the red carpet treatment for your loyal steed.

Accessorize Your Equestrian Journey

Alright, reader! We've covered joint health, delved deep into the world of horse supplements, and had some chuckles along the way. But remember, while you're pampering your horse with the best joint supplements, don't forget about the other essentials they (and you) might need.

For the Fashion-Forward Equestrian

Who said horse riding is all dirt and no dazzle? Get your horse the fashion-forward JODHPUR COLLECTION. And if you're aiming to be the trendsetter at your riding school, don't miss out on the latest HORSE RIDING BOOT COLLECTION. Those boots aren't just made for walking but for stylish trotting!

Gear Up, Ride On!

Every rider knows that comfort and safety go hand in hand. Your hands, to be precise! Get them the love they deserve with the HORSE RIDING GLOVES COLLECTION. And while you're at it, treat your feet to some snazzy socks from the HORSE RIDING SOCKS COLLECTION.

Seal it with a Treat!

And after a day of hard work and training, why not reward your horse (and maybe yourself) with something special? Dive into the world of deliciousness with the HORSE TREATS AND GIFTS. Just remember, moderation is key!

Wrap-Up: Here's to Happy Trotting!

Horse care is a holistic process. From joint health to stylish gear, every aspect plays a role in ensuring your horse feels its best. With the right products, a sprinkle of humor, and a dash of love, every ride can be a joyous one. So here's to happy trotting and even happier horses! And always remember, whether it's for EVERYDAY HORSE VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS, BRIDLES, or HOOF CARE & BOOTS, we've got you covered!