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Picture this: It's a sunny day, and you're out with your horse, hoping for a calm and peaceful ride. But your horse, on the other hand, seems to have had one too many coffees. Excitable? Check. Anxious? Check. Looking like they've got the jitters? Double-check.

Enter NAF Equestrian Calming Support. No, it's not a spa day for your horse (though they might appreciate that), but it's the next best thing.

The Magic Behind NAF Equestrian Calming Support


The primary ingredient here, folks, is magnesium. And while you might think of it as that thing that helps with muscle cramps after a gym session, it's got an even cooler job when it comes to our four-legged friends. Magnesium is like the zen master of minerals, helping regulate nervous tension and giving those muscles a nice, relaxing vibe. But, NAF didn’t stop there. They went ahead and added a blend of herbs just to make sure your horse gets the best. And trust me, when herbs meet magnesium, it's like a serene walk in the park. Ahh, relaxation!

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a peek at this award-winning product known as NAF 5 Star Magic Powder. It’s like the crème de la crème of calmness. This little gem has even been independently trialled. Yes, there are peer-reviewed results out there singing its praises! And the best part? Your horse stays alert, without feeling drowsy. We're talking about a calm, focused horse ready for whatever you've got planned.

How Do Horses and Owners Feel About It?

If your horse could talk, they’d probably say something like, “Why didn’t you get me this sooner?” But since most of us aren’t Dr. Dolittle, we have to rely on the experiences of their two-legged caretakers. And let me tell you, the reviews are in – users are loving the positive transformation in their horses. Less stress, less anxiety, and a happier, more harmonious relationship between horse and rider. What's not to love?

When to Use NAF Equestrian Calming Support?

Got a horse that's always on the go? Always in a hurry to get... somewhere? Well, NAF Magic Supplement Powder could be their new best friend. It's not just for horses who’ve had a bit too much excitement for the day. It's also perfect for our lovely friends who may naturally have low magnesium levels or those constantly travelling. Yes, even horses can get a bit of travel anxiety!

And guess what? The fun doesn't stop there. NAF has a whole range of products tailored to your horse’s needs. Whether they’re in the mood for a little liquid zen or a magic moment, there’s something for every horse.

When Your Mare Gets Moody: NAF Oestress To The Rescue!

Ever met someone who's not a morning person? Well, horses can be moody too, especially the mares. But before you go attributing it to a case of the 'Mondays', you might want to consider something a bit more... hormonal.


Lucky for you (and your mare), NAF Five Star Oestress is here to save the day! With a blend of natural antioxidants and herbs, it targets the root causes of discomfort, ensuring your mare is as calm and collected as a cucumber. And the best part? It's 100% natural. No more moody mare days! Just balance, comfort, and a serene mare to accompany you on your adventures.

For the cherry on top, with every pack purchased, there's a charity donation made to help rehabilitate ex-racehorses. So not only are you getting a fantastic product, but you're also doing a good deed. Win-win!

Choose Your Magic: Powder, Liquid, or Instant?

The big question is, how do you want to sprinkle this magic? Whether you're all about the traditional powder, the swift and simple liquid, or the instant magic for those unexpected moods, NAF has got you covered. Each product is carefully crafted to meet your horse’s unique needs and personality.


The magic of magnesium coupled with the power of herbs ensures that your horse tackles challenges with utmost calmness and confidence. And for those who are into the nitty-gritty details: No worries! The magnesium used in NAF products doesn't contravene FEI rules. That means it’s competition safe, and you can let your horse strut its stuff without any qualms.

For Those “Just-In-Case” Moments

We've all been there. Everything's going smoothly, and then suddenly, out of the blue, your horse decides it's the perfect moment to do their best impression of a drama queen. These are the moments when NAF Five Star Instant Magic becomes your secret weapon.


Instant Magic provides that quick relief for sudden stressful situations. Whether it's a competition, a visit from the farrier, or an unexpected thunderstorm, your horse remains cool, calm, and collected. Consider it your little “emergency chill button”.

Dress for Success: The Rider's Essentials

Now that we've got our horse feeling top-notch with NAF's range, let's not forget about the rider. After all, it takes two to tango. Or in this case, trot. Get ready to strut your stuff and be the envy of every equestrian with the ultimate rider collections.

Jodhpurs: The Iconic Equestrian Style

Do you want to look sleek while also ensuring utmost comfort during your ride? Say no more. Jodhpur Collection has you covered. Not just a fashion statement, these are the backbone of every equestrian's wardrobe.

Boots: The Perfect Blend of Elegance & Functionality

Ever wondered why Cinderella left her shoe behind? Maybe she was dreaming of the perfect riding boot. Offering grip, protection, and a dash of style, these boots were made for riding (and for walking into every equestrian event like you own the place).

Accessorize Right: Gloves, Socks, & Treats

Horse riding gloves

The devil's in the details. Or in this case, the gloves and socks. They may seem small, but the right accessories can make all the difference to your riding experience. Warm in winter, cool in summer, and always in style. And once you've got your gear in check, don't forget to reward your horse with the best treats and gifts.

Everyday Care: Vitamins & Supplements

With style, comes responsibility. While we're all for looking fabulous, it's also crucial to ensure our horses are feeling fabulous. The Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements are just what the doctor ordered for maintaining a happy and healthy horse. No mood swings, just swing in your gallop!

Ending Notes: Bridles & Hoof Care

Last but not least, a show-stopping performance requires the finest bridles and premium hoof care & boots. After all, every detail matters when you're in the spotlight.

So there you have it - from managing moods to mastering style, the equestrian world is full of surprises and solutions. Here's to many more joyful rides, stylish moments, and happy hooves!