Rain scald, also known as rain rot, is a bacterial skin infection that causes scabs and lesions on a horse's skin. It is commonly found on the body of the horse and can spread all over the skin's surface. According to MadBarn, rain scald is highly contagious and can be passed from horse to horse. Prevention is the best way to keep your horse healthy and safe.

The best method of treatment for any skin condition is a diligent effort to keep skin healthy and protected. Especially for rain scald, ensuring that your horse is not susceptible to conditions linked to rain scald is an essential step in proactive, preventative treatment. Here are some tips on how to treat rain scald on a horse:

1. Keep Your Horse Dry

The most crucial step in treating rain scald is to keep your horse dry. This includes not only correctly caring for your horse's hygiene but also maintaining a tidy stable. Many horses who fall victim to rain scald are susceptible to wet conditions in their pens. According to Canberra Equine Hospital, it's imperative to keep your horse and their environment dry to prevent rain scald from forming on your horse's skin. Furthermore, VetSouth suggests that horse owners provide proper shelter and blanketing to reduce exposure to moisture.


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2. Groom Your Horse Regularly

Regular grooming and good nutrition also help to prevent the condition. Keeping your horse's coat and skin clean and free from dirt and debris helps prevent the hair from matting and reduces the risk of infection. The bacteria that cause rain scald thrive in warm, moist environments, so keeping your horse's coat dry and clean is essential. Horse and Rider UK emphasize the importance of grooming the affected areas to remove any loose hair.


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Ensuring your horse is groomed adequately is not just about aesthetics, but it's also about health and well-being. Proper grooming routines can prevent a multitude of health issues, including rain scald.

3. Use Medicated Shampoos and Topical Treatments

For horses already affected by rain scald, using medicated shampoos and topical treatments can help speed up the recovery process. A study from ResearchGate suggests that the correct application of medicated shampoos can not only treat the infection but also reduce the chances of its recurrence.

It's essential to follow the instructions on the product label and ensure that after using the shampoo, the horse's coat is dried thoroughly. This can be achieved with the aid of a good stable rug. For instance, the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN TROJAN LITE WEIGHT COMBO TURNOUT is shower-proof and breathable, making it ideal for ensuring that your horse remains dry.


4. Boost the Horse's Immunity

Rain scald can sometimes be an indication of a compromised immune system. Therefore, ensuring that your horse's health is optimal can help prevent and treat this condition. Providing a balanced diet, regular exercise, and high-quality supplements can bolster a horse's immunity. Equus Magazine stresses the importance of maintaining a horse's overall health to keep skin conditions at bay.

Consider incorporating Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements into your horse's diet. These can provide essential nutrients that might be missing from regular feed, ensuring that your horse remains strong and healthy.

5. Avoid Sharing Grooming Tools and Equipment

As rain scald is contagious, it's crucial to avoid sharing grooming tools, tack, and equipment between horses, especially if one is infected. This helps in preventing the spread of bacteria. Horse Journals recommend disinfecting any shared equipment and tools regularly.


Additionally, equipping your horse with the right gear, such as the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Classic Combo Neck Medium, can prevent the contact and spread of bacteria. This turnout rug is waterproof and breathable, providing utmost comfort and protection for your horse.

In conclusion, prevention is always better than cure. Being proactive in your horse's care, staying informed about conditions like rain scald, and acting swiftly at the first sign of trouble can ensure the health and happiness of your equine friend.

6. Regular Check-ups and Vet Visits

Regular vet visits are essential for early detection and treatment of any equine condition, including rain scald. According to a study from the National Institutes of Health, horses undergoing regular health checks are less likely to develop severe conditions as issues are spotted and treated early on.


Also, consider using turnout rugs like the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN TROJAN 200 COMBO TURNOUT which provides excellent protection against external elements. It's crucial to equip your horse with the best possible protection while maintaining regular health checks.

7. Proper Hoof Care

While rain scald primarily affects a horse's skin, it's essential not to neglect the hooves. Damp environments can lead to other issues like thrush or hoof rot. Therefore, using products from collections like Hoof Care & Boots can be beneficial in maintaining healthy hooves.

8. Knowledge Sharing among Horse Owners

Engaging with other horse owners and sharing experiences, tips, and best practices can be a valuable resource. Platforms like Horse Network offer community insights, discussions, and expert advice on horse care, ensuring that everyone stays informed and updated.

9. Keep Updated with Latest Products

Equip your horse with the latest products to ensure their comfort and safety. Check out collections like Horse Bridles, Jodhpur Collection, and Horse Riding Gloves to stay updated with the latest in horse gear and equipment.


Rain scald can be a concerning condition for any horse owner. By staying informed, practicing regular health checks, and equipping your horse with quality products, you can ensure that your equine friend stays healthy, happy, and free from skin ailments. Remember, proactive care is the key to preventing many equine health issues, including rain scald.

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