As an equestrian online retailer in the UK, Just Horse Riders, we understand the importance of keeping your horse healthy and fit. One way to achieve this is by improving your horse's flexibility and mobility. Flexibility and mobility are crucial for any horse, be it a racehorse, dressage horse, or even a leisure horse. Not only does it impact the horse's performance but also their overall well-being and comfort. So, what can be done to ensure optimal flexibility and mobility for your horse? Here are five exercises that can help:

1. Trot-Canter-Trot and Canter-Walk-Canter

According to Dressage Today, two simple exercises that can help improve your horse's longitudinal strength and flexibility are trot-canter-trot and canter-walk-canter. These exercises require your horse to transition between different gaits, which can help improve their balance and coordination.

2. Leg Stretches

Flexibility has a direct impact on muscle function. Therefore, manually loosening your horse up with leg stretches can be a valuable practice. As Finish Line® Horse Products suggests, leg stretches can help improve your horse's range of motion and prevent injuries. Regular leg stretches also prepare the horse for more vigorous training sessions.

Whitaker Lunge Roller - Anatomically-shaped roller for horses

Whitaker Lunge Roller: An anatomically-shaped roller to prevent slipping and avoid pressure on the spine. It offers multiple rings for a variety of attachment options, ensuring comfort and flexibility during lunging exercises. Double buckles on each side of the girth attachment provide an easy and perfect fit, making it a favourite among horse trainers.

3. Stretching

Stretching is a cornerstone for flexibility in both humans and horses. As BRL Equine explains, to achieve optimal flexibility, stretching should be done slowly, and exercises should be tailored to your horse's individual needs. This way, the horse can gradually increase its range of motion without the risk of injury.

Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line

Using the right equipment such as the Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line ensures the horse's comfort and safety during training sessions. This lunge line from Shires is made of soft tubular nylon, featuring a swivel trigger clip at one end and a hand loop at the other. It's perfect for guiding your horse during stretching exercises.

4. Palpating and Lifting Legs

Palpating means gently feeling and massaging the horse's legs to detect any abnormalities or sensitivities. According to the American Farriers Journal, palpating and lifting your horse's legs within their comfort zone can help promote circulation and mobility. It's also a way to build trust and reduce any discomfort they might be experiencing.

5. Lateral Movements

Lateral movements such as leg-yielding and shoulder-in improve your horse's suppleness and strength, as Horse Illustrated suggests. Incorporating lateral movements in your training routine helps enhance muscular flexibility, promoting better gait quality and ease in turning.

Improving a horse's flexibility and mobility is essential for its overall health and performance. The right exercises combined with proper equipment like the Whitaker Lunge Roller and Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line can make a significant difference. Remember, consistency is key, and you should always consult with a professional before introducing new exercises to your horse's routine.

Supplements to Aid Mobility

While exercises are crucial for improving a horse's flexibility and mobility, dietary supplements can also play an instrumental role in supporting joint health and overall mobility. Here are some recommended supplements for your horse:

Dodson & Horrell Mobility supplement for horses

Dodson & Horrell Mobility: This blend of herbs like nettle, celery seed, and devil's claw root provides pain-relieving and soothing properties. Especially suitable for older horses or those with joint or muscle conditions, adding this to their feed can offer much-needed support.

Science Supplements Flexability+ Plus for horse joint health

For those looking for the top-of-the-line in joint supplements, consider the Science Supplements Flexability+ Plus. With clinical studies backing its efficacy, this supplement boasts key nutrients that support cartilage synthesis, ensuring your horse's joints are well-maintained even under rigorous training or competition.

Training and Gear

It's not only exercises and supplements that matter. The gear you use during training can significantly affect your horse's comfort and the efficiency of the training.

Shires Arma Neoprene Over Reach Boots

Consider the Shires Arma Neoprene Over Reach Boots. These boots offer protection and comfort, ensuring that the horse's legs are safe from scuffs and injuries during training.

Proper Attire for Riders

As a rider, your comfort is equally crucial. The better you feel, the better you can communicate with your horse and ensure effective training sessions.

Our Jodhpur Collection offers a variety of riding pants designed to offer comfort and flexibility. Pair them with the right boots from our Horse Riding Boot Collection and gloves from the Horse Riding Gloves Collection to ensure complete comfort and control during training.

Maintaining your horse's flexibility and mobility is a continuous process. With the right exercises, gear, supplements, and attire, both you and your horse can enjoy efficient training sessions and improved performance.

Comprehensive Care for Your Horse

Every horse enthusiast knows that maintaining a horse's well-being goes beyond training sessions and proper attire. From everyday essentials to rewards after a job well done, ensuring your horse feels loved and cared for is of utmost importance.

Daily Essentials

Regular upkeep is crucial. By incorporating a daily routine with the right Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements, you ensure that your horse gets the necessary nutrients for strength and stamina.

Horse hoof care products

Additionally, their feet bear the brunt of the workload. Regular check-ups and choosing products from our Hoof Care & Boots collection can ensure they remain in top condition.

Rewarding Your Equine Friend

Training can be rigorous. Rewarding your horse for its hard work and dedication not only boosts its morale but also strengthens your bond. Our Horse Treats and Gifts collection offers a delightful variety of treats that your horse will undoubtedly love.

Choosing the Right Accessories

The accessories you choose can make a significant difference in your horse's comfort. From bridles to socks, selecting the right gear ensures smooth training sessions. Dive into our collections, including Horse Bridles and Horse Riding Socks, to find the best fit for your equine friend.


In conclusion, maintaining and improving your horse's flexibility and mobility is an all-encompassing task. It requires a mix of regular exercises, the right supplements, training gear, and of course, the love and care you shower upon your horse. Remember, every detail counts, from the supplements you choose to the treats you reward them with. By ensuring your horse's well-being, you're not just guaranteeing their health but also nurturing a bond that lasts a lifetime.

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