Introduction to Flexability+ Plus

Welcome to our in-depth look at one of the most comprehensive joint health supplements available on the market: Flexability+ Plus. As introduced by Aaron Englander from Just Horse Riders, this product is the Swiss Army knife of joint supplements for horses. "It has everything in it for your horse to moonwalk past arthritis and straight into old age," Aaron quips in his review.

If you're looking for a supplement that packs a punch, then Flexability+ Plus might just be your answer. Curious about what makes it stand out? Let's dive into the scientific backbone and robust ingredients that make this supplement a must-have for horse owners concerned about their animals' joint health.

Why Choose Flexability+ Plus?

According to Aaron, "This joint supplement is like it’s been dreamt up in a top secret government lab". Indeed, Flexability+ Plus is designed with a high level of active ingredients that have been scientifically evaluated to support and maintain joint health in horses. Among its standout ingredients are glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hydraulic acid, omega-3, and vitamin C. These components are crucial for cartilage synthesis and joint support, making it a top-tier choice for your equine partners.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

In his review, Aaron highlights the environmentally conscious shift in packaging, moving from tubs to resealable pouches that use less plastic. "The pouch does the exact same job, it's smaller, it uses less plastic so really great for the environment," Aaron explains. This change not only helps in reducing the environmental footprint but also maintains the freshness and efficacy of the supplement.

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Detailed Look at Feeding Guidelines and Dosage

Understanding the proper dosage and feeding guidelines is crucial when it comes to supplements. Aaron provides a clear breakdown of how to use Flexability+ Plus effectively. "It’s a level 25 mil scoop we're talking about here," explains Aaron, detailing the maintenance and loading phases for different horse weights.

Maintenance Dosage

For regular upkeep, the dosage varies by the weight of the horse: 1.5 scoops per day for a pony around 250 kilos, 2.5 scoops per day for a horse approximately 500 kilos, and four scoops per day for larger horses over 750 kilos. These amounts ensure that horses receive the right level of nutrients to maintain their joint health and mobility.

Loading Feeding Guidelines

When starting on Flexability+ Plus, the loading phase is critical to integrate the supplement into the horse's system effectively. "For the first 14 days, give three scoops per day for a pony, five scoops per day for a horse, and eight scoops for a large horse," Aaron advises. This initial intensive dosage helps to establish a baseline of nutrients within the horse’s system, promoting effective joint support from the outset.

Compliance with Competition Rules

Aaron also emphasizes the supplement's compliance with FEI, racing, and UK national federation rules, making it a safe choice for competitive horses. "It does not contravene FEI rules, the rules of racing, or UK national federation rules of competition," he confirms. This ensures that horse owners can use Flexability+ Plus without worrying about regulatory issues in competitive settings.

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Proven Benefits and Real-World Impact

The real value of a supplement can often be measured by its scientific backing and the tangible benefits it delivers. Flexability+ Plus stands out not just for its ingredients, but for the clinical studies that support its claims. "Backed by two clinical and scientific studies, it's the highest specification joint supplement in the UK," Aaron proudly states.

Ingredient Efficacy

The unique formulation of Flexability+ Plus is designed to maximize joint health benefits. With ingredients like low molecular weight chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid (HA), it offers comprehensive support for cartilage synthesis and joint function. These ingredients are not just randomly chosen; they are scientifically evaluated for their impact and effectiveness in promoting joint health.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Feedback from users of Flexability+ Plus has been overwhelmingly positive. Many report seeing a noticeable improvement in their horses’ mobility and comfort levels. "Our customers often tell us how this supplement has made a real difference in their horse’s daily activities and long-term health," Aaron shares. Such testimonials underscore the practical benefits and reinforce the product's efficacy.


If you’re looking to enhance your horse's joint health with a product that combines scientific rigor with proven results, Flexability+ Plus is an excellent choice. Its efficacy and safety are assured, providing peace of mind to all horse owners. Whether for competitive use or general health, it’s designed to support your horse through every step of their journey.

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