Strategy Description Examples/Product Recommendations
Increase Space and Change Location Provide more space and vary the environment to stimulate exploration. Rotate between different enclosures or pastures.
Provide Toys and Enrichment Activities Introduce toys and activities to engage their mind and body. Likit Boredom Buster, PROSTABLE HAYBALL
Interact and Socialize Allow for social interaction with other animals to prevent loneliness. Scheduled playdates with other horses.
Vary Routines and Teach Tricks Mix up daily routines and introduce new tricks or training exercises. Trick training, different exercise routines.
Implement DIY Enrichment Activities Use simple, cost-effective methods to encourage natural behaviours. Scattering food for foraging, sensory gardens.
Use a Slow Feed Horse Feeder Mimic natural grazing patterns to extend feeding times and promote digestion. Slow feed horse feeders.
Introduce Mirrors and Other Novel Items Use mirrors and novel items to provide mental stimulation and reduce feelings of isolation. Stable mirrors, feeder toys that dispense treats.
Addressing Stable Vices Identify and address behaviours indicating boredom to improve welfare. Cribbing collars, engaging toys.

How to Stop a Horse Getting Bored in the Stable

Horses are naturally curious and intelligent creatures, thriving on mental stimulation and physical exercise to maintain their health and happiness. But what happens when they're cooped up in a stable? Boredom strikes, leading to stress and the dreaded stable vices. Fear not, dear reader, for we have concocted a magical elixir of strategies to keep your equine friend both entertained and content.

Increase Space and Change Location

First off, let's talk about real estate. The size of your horse's living quarters can make a big difference. A larger stall or a change of scenery can work wonders for your horse's mood. It's like choosing between a studio apartment and a penthouse with a view. If possible, rotate your horse between different enclosures to keep things fresh. They'll appreciate the new views and the chance to explore. Think of it as horse house-hopping.

Provide Toys and Enrichment Activities

Next, let's transform the stable into a playground of wonder with horse-friendly toys. Whether it's a colourful ball or a puzzle feeder, these toys can keep your horse engaged for hours. And here’s where we get to show off some fantastic products from Just Horse Riders.

Take, for example, the LIKIT BOREDOM BUSTER. It’s not just a toy; it’s a boredom-busting superhero. Compact and lightweight, it can be used alone or attached to a Likit holder for even more fun. Your horse will be mentally stimulated as they figure out how to get to the treats, turning a dull day into a delightful one.

But wait, there's more! The PROSTABLE HAYBALL is like a mobile hay café, encouraging natural foraging behaviour as they push it around. Who knew dinner could be so much fun?

Interact and Socialize

Now, let's not forget about the power of good old social interaction. Just like us, horses crave companionship. Allowing your horse to mingle with other four-legged friends can significantly brighten their day. It's the equine equivalent of catching up over coffee. This kind of interaction is a cornerstone of their mental well-being. So, next time you think your horse looks a tad lonely, maybe it's time for a playdate. Experts at Blue Cross highlight the importance of companionship for equine mental health.

Vary Routines and Teach Tricks

Monotony is the thief of joy, not just for humans but for horses too. Varying daily routines keeps life exciting. Why not throw in some tricks or new exercises into the mix? It’s like swapping your daily jog for a Zumba class. Incorporating trick training or different forms of exercise can work wonders for your horse's mental engagement. Remember, a mentally stimulated horse is a happy horse.

Implement DIY Enrichment Activities

DIY enrichment doesn’t have to break the bank or consume your entire weekend. Simple activities can provide immense joy and stimulation. For instance, hiding treats around the stable for a little treasure hunt or creating a sensory garden with different textures and smells can turn an ordinary day into an adventure. Mad Barn offers a treasure trove of ideas for enriching your horse's environment on a budget.

Take the Red Gorilla Tubtrug Dripfeed, for instance. This nifty device dispenses treats as your horse plays, turning snack time into a fun and engaging activity. It's like having a pinata at a party, but for horses.

Use a Slow Feed Horse Feeder

Slowing down meal times can be both a challenge and an opportunity for enrichment. A slow feed horse feeder mimics the natural grazing patterns, making mealtime last longer and keeping your horse occupied. This approach not only entertains but also aids in digestion, hitting two birds with one stone. A feeder that restricts intake can prevent overeating and boredom simultaneously. Think of it as the slow-cooker version of horse feeding – good things come to those who wait!

Introduce Mirrors and Other Novel Items

Ever noticed how a mirror can captivate a child? Horses are no different. Installing a safe, horse-friendly mirror in the stable can provide endless entertainment and companionship, minus the chatter. Mirrors can stimulate curiosity and reduce feelings of isolation. And let’s not forget about other novel items like traffic cones or feeder toys that dispense treats. These items can transform a mundane stable into a veritable amusement park for your horse.

Addressing Stable Vices

If your horse starts developing stable vices, it’s a red flag that boredom might be creeping in. Engaging toys and activities can often redirect these behaviours into more positive outlets. For instance, a cribbing collar can deter unwanted cribbing, turning attention back to more constructive activities. It's like swapping a bad habit for a new hobby. For tips on coping with stall boredom and stable vices, Dover Saddlery has some great advice.


Preventing boredom in the stable isn't just about keeping your horse busy; it's about enriching their life and strengthening your bond. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of effort, you can ensure your horse leads a happy and fulfilled life, even within the confines of a stable. Remember, a bored horse is an unhappy horse, but with these strategies, your equine friend won't just be passing the time; they'll be enjoying every moment of it.

For those keen to explore more ways to enhance their horse's life, consider browsing the extensive horse stable toys collection at Just Horse Riders. From the Likit Boredom Buster to the Red Gorilla Tubtrug Dripfeed, there's something for every horse. And let's not forget the essentials; make sure to check out our Jodhpur Collection, Horse Riding Boot Collection, and more. Your horse deserves the best, and at Just Horse Riders, we're here to make sure they get nothing less.

How do I stop stable boredom?

Stable boredom can be mitigated by providing your horse with various forms of mental and physical stimulation. This includes larger living spaces, toys, regular social interactions, varied exercise routines, and implementing enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviours.

How do you entertain a horse on a stable?

Entertaining a horse in a stable involves introducing toys and enrichment activities such as puzzle feeders, treat-dispensing toys, or simply objects they can manipulate with their mouth or hooves. Regular interaction and socialization with humans or other animals also play a crucial role.

How do I keep my horse entertained in the stall?

Keeping your horse entertained in the stall can be achieved by providing toys like balls or mirrors for self-amusement, installing slow feeders to extend feeding times, and introducing new items regularly to maintain their interest and curiosity.

Do horses get bored in stables?

Yes, horses can get bored in stables if they lack adequate stimulation. Horses are naturally curious and social animals that thrive on interaction and mental engagement. Without appropriate enrichment, they can develop stress and exhibit negative behaviours known as stable vices.