Gold Label Iodine Spray - One Colour
This is a safe application that contains non-toxic povidone iodine. To be applied near the affected parts two or three times a day.
Vetset Wraptec Cohesive Bandage 100Mm - Purple
This effective cohesive, self-adhering bandage from Vetset will not constrict, making it the popular and economical choice for support bandages and routine dressings. Will conform to hold dressings securely, allowing movement without slippage. Easily tears straight reducing the risk of...
Gold Label Triscrub - One Colour
This Gold Label triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oil and chlorhexidine is used as an antibacterial skin cleanser and surgical scrub. A formulation suitable for general skin disinfection and as an antiseptic handwash.
Radiol M-R Muscle Embrocation - N/A
This product is for minor soft swellings, minor bruising and minor strains to tendons and muscles. A soothing embrocation. Use straight from bottle or diluted as a spirit lotion. Ideal for horses and dogs.
Battles Udder Cream - One Colour
This cream from Battles is the original udder cream. A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores. Been used successfully in milking parlours for decades!
Gold Label Udder Cream - One Colour
A soothing water-miscible udder cream with antibacterial chlorhexidine to maintain good udder condition. Prevents chaps and minor sores and is also suitable for minor cuts and grazes.
Gold Label Canine Pad Hardener - One Colour
This Gold Label Product is a cosmetic skin hardener especially useful for greyhounds and/or gundogs working over very hard rough ground.
Lincoln Stable Deodoriser - One Colour
This is a natural antibacterial deodorising powder for the use in stables. Removes the odours and improves the overall air quality making it a more comfortable environment for the horse. It absorbs the moisture and eliminates irritating ammonia reducing the...
Robinsons Horse & Rider First Aid Kit - One Colour
Travel Pack First Aid Kit..perfect for taking on a long hack or holiday. Contents include animalintex poultice, equiwrap, gamgee 30cm, skintact 10cm x 10cm, vetalintex and tough cut scissors, along with a fastaid travel pack, all presented in a handy...
Verm-X Herbal Liquid For Dogs - One Colour
This liquid from Verm-X is made with 100% natural active ingredients to control intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system, it can therefore provide active control throughout the year. It works by creating an environment designed...
Gold Label Pig Oil Spray - N/A
A handy and easy application of this old recipe.
Keratex Mud Shield Powder - One Colour
This best-selling powder from Kertax and has several actions: it waterproofs, disinfects legs and provides a silky layer to leg hair, helping mud to slide off easily. The powder will coat equine legs, repelling both water and germs. This is...
Radiol B-R Bone Embrocation - One Colour
This product is an extra strong spirit embrocation for the maintenance of a healthy bone structure for the legs of horses. Ideal for use after strenuous exercise.
Boica Natural Herbal Cream - One Colour
This cream from BOTANICA is a unique blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water-based moisturising cream. Beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions, such as cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, cracked heels and girth scald. It helps...
Gold Label Purple Spray - N/A
The most popular purple application using an improved formulation comes with antibacterial chlorhexidine for use on minor cuts and grazes. Does not contain gentian violet.
VetSet Poldress Hoof Poultice - One Colour
High quality poultice from VetSet. A highly absorbent, multi-layered and impregnated dressing produced in the specific horseshoe shape for equine foot poulticing. Contains a mild antiseptic, boric acid, to minimise the risk of infection and promote the healing process. For...
Vetericyn Eye Wash - One Colour
Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash is formulated to help alleviate irritation and flush away dirt and debris from your pet’s eyes. Safe for daily use to clean and prevent tear stains without causing discomfort to your pet. All Vetericyn Plus products...
Gold Label Old Fashioned Sulphur Ointment - One Colour
Some times the old ways are the best , this old fashioned traditional ointment for application to scabs, eczema and minor skin infections.
Lincoln Purple Spray - One Colour
This spray from Lincoln is an antibacterial and antifungal spray containing G Violet for use on minor cuts and abrasions. Non sting formula. Trigger spray for easy application.
Gold Label Epsom Salts - N/A
Old fashioned drawing agent of commercial grade to be mixed with bran mash.
Gold Label Pig Oil & Sulphur - N/A
Sometimes the old ways are the best, Gold Label have used an old recipe for the conditioning of the legs and feathers and to aid the prevention of any mudborne infections. Especially popular with shire horses.
Animal Health Company No Wheeze - N/A
This product is often described as a pipe-opener, this remarkable product is a must-have for any horses that have suffered with wind, respiratory, sinus and bronchial problems. Also can be used to ease discomfort associated with coughing and generally help...
Equimins Udder Cream - One Colour
A soft, easy to apply, water-based, non-greasy cream with cetrimide, aloe vera, zinc, castor oil and tea tree oil to gently soothe the skin. Very useful as a barrier in muddy conditions.
HyHEALTH Sportwrap - Purple
These easy to tear, flexible bandages are Ideal for maximum support, strength and protection. HyHEALTH Sportwrap is comfortable yet strong, providing a great combination for an extremely high quality bandage tape. Order in case size of 18 and receive free...
Equimins Blooming Pet Aloe Vera Gel - N/A
This is a soothing gel for skin disorders. Aloe vera has a long history as a skin lotion. It can aid recovery from minor grazes and sunburn. This gel is useful for almost any skin irritation that needs soothing and...
Gold Label Triscrub Wash - One Colour
NEW IMPROVED FORMULA. A triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oil and chlorhexidine. formulation suitable for general skin disinfection. Aloe vera gel and rosemary oil has been added to the formula and even more chlorhexidine into a thicker, ready to...
Robinsons Animalintex Horse Hoof Treatment - One Colour
New improved hoof treatment, pre-cut and designed especially for use on the underside of the foot, economical and convenient for the treatment of foot abscesses, corns, thrush and puncture wounds. Legal Category: AVM-GSL.
LaminTec 5-HT - One Colour
This is a Ground-breaking new approach in veterinary medicine for managing/preventing chronic symptoms and diseases. Developed from investigating the causes of Laminitis. Maintains healthy circulatory and physiological systems in the horse.
Wahl Showman Easy Ear Cleaner - One Colour
We use this item on our dogs and they love it, it leaves your pets ears feeling fresh & clean A free flowing cleansing fluid based on natural ingredients which contains no harmful detergents or cleansers. The perfectly balanced formula...
VetSet Sealing Tape - One Colour
Very strong tape to hole poultices in position. Heavy duty, reinforced tape, designed for holding bandages and poultices in position for prolonged periods. Ideal for use on awkward areas and hooves.
Verm-X Herbal Crunchies For Cats - One Colour
This item from Verm-X is made with 100% natural active ingredients to control intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system, it can therefore provide active control throughout the year. It works by creating an environment designed...
Gold Label Comfrey Paste - N/A
This Gold Label product Contains comfrey in a traditional drawing product. May be microwaved. Hand test, apply hot and then bandage over the affected area. Superior to conventional kaolin methods.
3M Health Care Vetrap 10Cm Bandage - Black
Single Bandage in a number of different colours to match your other attire. A strong, self-adherent bandage which firmly supports sprains and fractures, protects wounds and holds sterile dressings in place. Applies pressure to inhibit bleeding, while flexing enough that...
Gold Label Wonder Gel - One Colour
This is a truly unique product to assist the natural healing process. The Ingredients include comfrey to aid the growth of new tissue, calendula for a natural source of phenols, tea tree oil for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, rosemary...
Lillidale Wound Cream - One Colour
This is a soothing antibacterial wound cream for dogs. It supports the natural healing of minor cuts and abrasions. Containing Zinc Oxide – providing soothing, antibacterial support. Contains Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) – an essential oil to support antimicrobial...
Battles White Petroleum Jelly B.P. - One Colour
This product Contains coconut oil derivatives and optical brighteners that bring out the brilliance in white and light-coloured coats. This also works with either hot or cold water to remove the worst stains and leaves the mane, tail and coat...
Renasan First Aid Spray - One Colour
This spray from Renasan is a revolutionary, clinically proven antiseptic utilising hypochlorous, the naturally occurring biocide found in all mammalian immune systems. It kills 99.9999% of pathogens on contact and is antibacterial, anti-fungal and sporicidal. Perfect for flushing wounds and...
Leovet Ointment - One Colour
This ointment from Leovet is design for special care for skin after injuries, ideal for mud fever. Contains colloidal silver which by way of the enlarged surface area, leads to continuous release of silver ions. This allows the silver's antiseptic...
Trilanco Strong Veterinary Iodine - One Colour
This product from Trilanco is for minor wound care use on the farm. Supplied ready to use. Apply to areas such as navels of newborn lambs and calves and other external areas to manage infections. Contains 10% iodine in an...
NAF Naf Off Citronella - One Colour
Highly scented mane, tail and coat spray. Ideal for all horses during the summer.
Lincoln Iodine Solution - One Colour
This product from Lincoln is a general purpose skin cleanser. Comes in a convenient to use spray pack.
Gold Label Sheathwash - N/A
Use as a sheath wash and on animals skin. Contains non-toxic povidine iodine and lavender oil in a low foam, cleansing surfactant base. Antibacterial and anti-fungal. Dilute with seven parts water.
Battles Veterinary Wound Powder - One Colour
This powder from Battles is an absorbent and antibacterial powder which is easy to apply, creating the ideal environment for optimum healing. Containing 2% Tosylchloramide Sodium Ph.Eur. For use on minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches.
Naturalintx Poultice - One Colour
This veterinary approved, 100% natural poultice may be applied in three different ways depending on the nature of the wound to be dressed, either as a hot, cold or dry poultice dressing. For use on minor wounds and abrasions.
Nettex Scaly Leg Spray - One Colour
A 3-in-1 solution that soothes, softens and cleanses scales affected by scaly leg mites. Provides a natural barrier. Suffocates the scaly leg mite eliminating the source of irritation.
Horsewise Dermosolve Cream - One Colour
This is products has natural ingredients in cream form to soothe and promote an ideal environment for natural healing.
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