Engage Your Equine Companion with Likit Horse Toys | Just Horse Riders

Introducing Likit Horse Toys: A Whirlwind of Fun and Flavor

Engaging our four-legged equine companions in beneficial play is an equestrian enthusiast's daydream. Well, with Likit Horse Toys, this daydream morphs into daytime reality. These whimsical toys offer equine boredom relief and a tasteful way to deliver essential nutrients to our hoofed buddies. And the cherry on top? Your horse will have a blast, making you the coolest horse parent in the stable!

Likit Boredom Buster: Spin the Flavor Wheel

The Likit Boredom Buster is the epitome of spinning fun mingled with tasty treats. Attach it to the Likit Holder or let it stand alone; either way, it's a carnival ride for the taste buds. Its twirl mimics a tongue twister while its motion is akin to a boredom breaker, making it an amusement park for horses that are aficionados of Likits.

Likit Holder: Swing to the Rhythm of Taste

For those taking baby steps into the world of Likits, the Likit Holder is your go-to. It's the key to unlock a trove of flavors while giving a playful swing to your horse's routine. As your horse nudges it, the Likit Holder swings, dances, and twirls, making every lick a rhythmic ballet of tastes.

The Starter Pack of Joy: Likit Starter Kit

Embark on a tasty adventure with the Likit Starter Kit. This value pack is your horse's ticket to the flavorful fair of Likits, coming with a Likit Holder and a vibrant variety of Likit refills. It's the grand entrance to a world where fun meets flavor, and boredom waves goodbye.

So, why wait? Swing by our Horse Treats And Gifts collection to pick a Likit toy that suits your horse's fancy. Pair it up with our comfy Jodhpur Collection or robust Horse Riding Boot Collection, and you're all set for a fun, flavorful equestrian escapade!