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Discover the Magic of Likit Horse Treats

The Unicorn of Horse Treats: Discover the Magic of Likit

When was the last time you thought about adding a sprinkle of unicorn magic to your horse’s diet? Okay, perhaps not an actual unicorn. But with Likit Horse Treats, we're pretty close!

Rainbow Likit Snaks in fun heart and star shapes

Why Likit?

Because Likit Treats are not just any treats. They're the Cadillac of equine goodies! The kind of luxury your horse might neigh about in its dreams.


Speaking of dreams, ever imagined feeding a unicorn? Here’s your chance! With the LIKIT RAINBOW SNAKS, bring out the inner unicorn in your horse. These treats are not only vibrant but also come in four flavors: Apple, Banana, Strawberry & Mint. Who said treats had to be boring?

Likit Paddock Lick with garlic, yeast, and omega 3 oils


Think of this as the multivitamin tablet, but for horses. The LIKIT PADDOCK LIKIT is loaded with garlic, yeast, and omega 3 oils. It's like a spa day but for their insides. And the best part? It's perfect both for the field and the stable!

Likit Multipack with popular flavors: apple, banana, and cherry


Decision fatigue is real! For those days when you just can't choose, the LIKIT MULTIPACK comes to the rescue. A medley of apple, banana, and cherry — it’s like a fruit salad, minus the mess!

Pair It Up!

While you're diving into the world of equine luxury, why not pair these treats with some high-end jodhpurs, or perhaps a pair of top-tier riding boots? And don't get us started on the magic that is our riding gloves collection!

Remember, your horse deserves the best. And with Just Horse Riders, that’s precisely what you get!