Ride High with Gallop Equestrian's Perfect Fit

Hey there, savvy equestrians! Are you ready to stride into comfort with style that sticks like a burr to a saddle blanket? Gallop Equestrian has you covered – literally – with riding tights and baselayers that are the talk of the paddock. Let's trot through their collection, shall we?

The High Waist Pocket Tights: Where Comfort Meets Utility

Gallop Equestrian High Waist Pocket Tights in various colors

First up, let's talk about the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN HIGH WAIST POCKET TIGHTS. Picture this: you're enjoying a canter, and your phone is snug as a bug in the deep thigh pocket. Oh, and the silicone knee grips? They'll keep you in the saddle longer than your horse's patience at feeding time. Available in colors that'll make even the dullest mare jealous – we're looking at you, Olive.

Long Sleeve Zipped Neck Base Layer: A Second Skin That's Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

Gallop Equestrian Long Sleeve Zipped Neck Base Layer in chic shades

Next, we zip into the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN LONG SLEEVE ZIPPED NECK BASE LAYER. It's the superhero costume you didn't know you needed. With a YKK zipper that's smoother than your best dressage move, and thumbholes to keep your sleeves from riding up like an overeager pony, this base layer is a keeper.

High Waist Pocket Therma Lock Silicone Knee Tights: Warmth That Sticks

Gallop Equestrian High Waist Therma Lock Tights ready for cooler days

And for those brisk mornings, the GALLOP EQUESTRIAN HIGH WAIST POCKET THERMA LOCK SILICONE KNEE TIGHTS are like a warm hug for your legs. They're like thermal underwear, if thermal underwear were socially acceptable to wear in public and looked fabulous.

But wait, there's more! Just Horse Riders isn't just about sticking to the saddle. Trot on over to our collections of Jodhpurs, Horse Riding Boots, Gloves, and Socks to outfit your every equestrian need. And for the cherry on top, pamper your pony with our Treats, Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements, Bridles, and Hoof Care & Boots.

So, whether you're prancing in the paddock or jumping for joy, remember: Just Horse Riders has got your back... and your legs, and even your horse's hooves. Happy riding, folks!