When Your Hands Deserve the Best: Rhinegold Equestrian Gloves

Okay, riders, let’s get one thing straight – our hands are precious. They hold the reins, give our horses those much-deserved pats, and, let’s be honest, they’re our selfie tools. So, it's only right they get wrapped in the best: Rhinegold Equestrian Gloves. Wondering why Rhinegold is the gold-standard for many riders? Let’s dive in!

Why Rhinegold Is the 'Mane' Event in Hand Couture

We all have those favorite pairs of jeans or that one pair of boots that make us strut like we’re on the runway (or trotway, should I say?). For many riders, Rhinegold gloves are the hand equivalent of that strut-worthy item.

Rhinegold Cotton Pimple Horse Riding Gloves with grip palms and Velcro wrist

Lightweight Perfection: Cotton Pimple Gloves

Looking for a glove that won’t weigh you down? The RHINEGOLD COTTON PIMPLE HORSE RIDING GLOVES are the answer! These lightweight cotton gloves come with pimple grip palms. Plus, that Velcro wrist fastening means no more gloves flying off mid-ride. If you're planning to wave at your fans, do it with style!

Rhinegold Thinsulate Winter Riding Gloves with non-slip water-resistant palm

Winter’s No Match: The Thinsulate Knit Cuff Gloves

Winters can be as unpredictable as a horse with a fresh patch of grass. That’s why you need the RHINEGOLD THINSULATE KNIT CUFF WINTER HORSE RIDING GLOVES. With their non-slip water-resistant palm and 40gram insulation, Jack Frost can nip all he wants. Your fingers will be toasty!

Rhinegold Elite Nubuck Suede Stretch Riding Gloves with Super Rein Grip and Sensitive Touch

For the Elite Hands: Nubuck Suede Stretch Gloves

Let's face it, not all gloves are created equal. And the RHINEGOLD ELITE NUBUCK SUEDE STRETCH HORSE RIDING GLOVES are proof of that. Breathability? Check. Super Rein Grip? Check. Sensitive touch that lets you buckle up without a fuss? Double-check. Your hands called; they want these gloves!

But Wait, There's More!

If gloves were the main course, then our range of jodhpurs, boots, and socks are the delicious sides you didn't know you needed. And for our equine buddies? Well, we've got treats, vitamins, and bridles that'll make them neigh with delight!

So, wrap those hands in Rhinegold and ride on in style! Your hands (and your horse) will thank you.