Childs Riding Essentials

Im writing this blog because on the weekend I was taking my children riding and I over heard some parents who weren't very "horsey" asking what they would need to get their daughter. I thought to myself it is a really good point. Getting into riding can be extremely exciting for the child. However for some buying the correct gear is quite difficult when you don't know what you need.

So we put our heads together have hand picked some essentials which is a great start for any child who is just starting out on their equestrian journey or just needs a few upgrades. We haven't put a huge list on the essentials page but just enough to have a bit of choice and to show what the basics are for the entry level child rider.

Our fav Jodhpur boots we have selected are SHIRES MORETTA FIORA JODHPUR BOOTS - CHILDS. We have picked these because they go right down to a size 8 kids UK and are a good brand "Shires".

Our Fav Jodhpurs we have selected are HY EQUESTRIAN BELTON CHILDRENS JODHPURS. We picked these because the bright colours are fun and they are good value for money.

The items we have picked from our experience are the best fit and quality. Of course you can spend quite alot on riding gear but we feel the items we have picked are both a good price and good quality.


Click on the picture below to view our hand picked essentials.


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