Top 5 Best Country Boots For Dog Owners


Whether you have had a dog for a week or had them all your life, any dog owner knows the pain of going on those long scenic walks and then you end up getting wet feet for whatever reason and then the whole walk round you are squelching. Not to mention the sores it can but on your feet. So we thought it was important to put together our top 5 best country boots for dog walkers. 

5. Brogini Winchester Country Boots


The Winchester boots are good price at around £90-£100. They are a bit of a cross over boot between a walking country boot and a boot which you are able to horse ride in. (hence the leather pannel on the inside calf) The sole could also be a bit thicker for those slipper days. These boots are waterproof and comfortable.


4. Gallop Equestrian Gateley Country Boots

As im sure every single dog walker out there has gone through many many many different pairs of boots due to out wearing them or even your best dog friend chewing them to bits! So these boots for us come in at number 4 mainly because of their price which is usually between £50-£70. They look good and are comfortable. The only issue we have with these boots is that they are not waterproof but only water resistant which on those wetter days could be an issue however im sure its nothing a bit of Nikwax wouldnt fix.


3.Rhinegold Elite Vermont Boots


We love the style of these Rhinegold Boots, the look the part and best of all they usually retail for between £80-£100. They are Waterproof and Comfortable so you would be well looked after with these boots if you are caught in the rain. The sole on the boots a of a good standard however we would like a more rugged sole for the muddier areas of our walk.


2. Mark Todd Country Boots Mark II

It was a really close 2nd but these Mark Todd boots come with a full waterproof membrane which is perfect for those rain days and because they are full waterproof you can go in streams and long grass and not have an issue with the water getting through. The sole is a good sturdy sole with good grip for those slippier months. Coming in between £120-£140 they are still good value for money compared to the higher priced country boots.

1. Dublin River Boots

Our Top country boot for dog walkers are the Dublin River Boots, these boots have been around forever and are one of our better selling boots. We chose these boots as our best boot for dog walkers because The waterproof membrane offers a good coverage so your feet wont get wet. But the main reason is because of the pure comfort these boots provide. With their RCS system in the sole its like walking on a cloud. They tend to be a bit bigger size wise but this is great for adding thicker socks in those winter months. Retailing between £100-£130 they are a great price for keeping your feet nice and comfortable when on your walks.


In conclusion, there is no right or wrong boot because everyone is different and requires different boots depending on what activities they do. With the activities we do we have tried to provide a good list of boots which will hopefully cover any amount of dog walking you do. But as always Thanks for reading and we hope this has helped in some way.