Enhancing Equine Welfare: A Strengthened Partnership Between the United Horse Coalition and A Home For Every Horse

In the equine world, the beauty of collaboration mirrors the partnership between a rider and their horse. A recent and significant collaboration that stands as a testament to this is between the United Horse Coalition (UHC) and A Home For Every Horse (AHFEH). This alliance aims to enhance support for at-risk horses and their owners across the United States.

Uniting Forces for Horse Welfare

The UHC and AHFEH are two acclaimed organizations that have consistently played cardinal roles in promoting equine welfare. By joining forces, they have pooled their wealth of resources, knowledge, and connections, amplifying their ability to gear a significant impact on equine welfare. The UHC, established in 2005, unites a diverse group of equine organizations, businesses, and individuals. Their mission revolves around promoting horse welfare and addressing crucial issues related to horse slaughter and abandonment. In contrast, AHFEH, a program launched by the UHC in 2010, aimed to provide a centralized database for at-risk horses, helping find them suitable homes. This collaboration between the UHC and AHFEH bolsters their collective efforts to offer resources, education, and assistance, enabling them to make a broader impact and benefit a larger number of horses in need.

Beneficial Membership for Rescues and Sanctuaries

The rewards of this alliance are not limited to horses and their owners. Registered 501(c)(3) rescue and sanctuary organizations can also avail numerous benefits by becoming members of AHFEH and UHC. At no cost, they can access exceptional discounts from sponsor labels like Purina, Absorbine, Tractor Supply, Weatherbeeta, and Equine Discounts, helping manage the challenges of financial constraints. To qualify and leverage these benefits, rescue and sanctuary outfits should fulfill certain requirements. These include having a 501(c)(3) status, a valid state charter, and an unwavering commitment towards the wellbeing of horses under their care.

Rescue Operations: The Backbone of Equine Community

The collaboration of AHFEH and UHC admirably recognizes rescue and sanctuary organizations' critical role in the equine community. These are the unsung heroes who provide resources, support, and a second chance at life to at-risk horses, offering essential care and rehabilitation. By extension, these organizations tacitly prevent the causes of equine abandonment and enhance horse welfare across the USA. The contributions from AHFEH sponsors like Purina, Absorbine, Tractor Supply, Weatherbeeta, and Equine Discounts are fundamental in aiding rescue and sanctuary organizations.

A Positive Movement for Equine Welfare

In conclusion, the strengthening partnership between UHC and AHFEH represents a substantial stride towards improving equine welfare in the USA. Collectively, these organizations can provide extended support to at-risk horses and their owners, thereby positively influencing countless horses' lives. Sources: The Horse