Challenges of Female Riders During Menopause: A New Study Reveals All

Navigating the turbulent waters of menopause is a struggle familiar to countless women. Yet, a recent study spearheaded by Steph Bradley, a level four British Equestrian coach and University of Gloucestershire scholar, throws light on a hitherto unexplored terrain - the impact of perimenopause and menopause on riders.

The Unsettling Impact and Curbing Motivation

There is no understating the severity of symptoms associated with menopause. However, this study uncovers a unique and alarming side effect. A significant 68% of participants reported a dip in their motivation to ride due to menopausal symptoms. Seismic hormonal shifts, psychological changes, and a range of physical symptoms make this uniquely challenging time for women. It's hardly surprising that it perceptibly impacts their desire for activities that require energy, concentration, and physical engagement, like equestrian sports.

A Look at the Numbers: Riding during Menopause can be an Uphill Battle

With more than 1,600 riders participating, this study presents a compelling case for greater support and understanding. The data shows an alarming 33% of respondents admitted to stopping riding temporarily or permanently due to menopause. It's a stern reminder of the comprehensive and profound influence menopause can exert on women's lives.

The Declining Confidence and Coaching Skills

Loss of confidence in one's abilities is another standout finding. It's a well-known fact that confidence plays an integral role in any athletic pursuit. In fact, many would argue it's as crucial as physical prowess. Therefore, a decline in riding confidence and a negative impact on coaching abilities among women going through menopause are particularly distressing.

Providing Support: Women Need an Outlet

So, how do we achieve the silver lining in this seemingly gloomy scenario? As per Bradley, creating a conducive environment for discourse serves as a great starting point. 'Women need an outlet', a space where they feel comfortable discussing their experiences, fears, concerns, and seek guidance.

For those seeking more information or advice about managing menopause, please visit the Menopause Support. The website has a wealth of resources and guidance to offer.

We Can Make a Difference!

The objective of this article is to serve as a clarion call, urging the equestrian community to pay more attention to the well-being of their female counterparts. Recognizing the challenges these women face, and providing a supportive environment can give them the courage to continue pursuing their passion for equestrianism during this tough time.

For the betterment of the community, we need to dig deeper. Worthwhile subjects for further research could include looking into the menopause's impact on women athletes across different sports, exploring how equestrian sports can support women during menopause, and how male coaches can provide better support to their female athletes experiencing menopause.

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