The Journey of Hester: Triumph From Breeder's Home to Badminton Trials

Gazing upon the sprawling green fields of Somerset, one wouldn’t immediately suspect that they were witnessing an arena of triumph in the world of eventing. However, as owner-breeder Lucy Nelson would tell you, amidst the idyllic landscapes thrives an extraordinary tale of determination and dedication - the story of her home-bred mare, Hester.

This four-legged symbol of triumph, expertly ridden by Laura Collett, is preparing to compete in the prestigious Mars Badminton Horse Trials. And the journey from Lucy Nelson's breeding stable to the grandstands of Badminton has been nothing short of inspiring.

Lucy Nelson: A Trailblazer Beyond Equestrian Circles

The diligent entrepreneur, Lucy Nelson, is widely known beyond the equestrian scene. She is the founder of the largest UK charity that conducts research on the causes and prevention of pregnancy complications. Lucy took a step back from her enterprise and relocated to Somerset to provide a unique opportunity for her daughters - a life surrounded by ponies.

This shift in focus from sophisticated medical research to horse breeding prompted Lucy to purchase an unassuming grey mare. This mare, who would later become Hester's dam, was suggested for purchase by Lucy's jumping trainer, Charlie Micklem. Although she lacked familiarity with the damline, Lucy's curiosity sparked a journey into horse breeding.

Breeding Hester: A Labor of Love

Lucy embraced the challenge of breeding a foal from the grey mare and the stallion Heinrich Heine, an admired figure in the eventing sphere. This endeavor transformed into a labor of love, culminating in the birth of Hester.

Lucy poured heart and soul into the process, admitting, "I had no idea what I was doing, but I was determined to give it a go. I read every book I could find on the subject and watched countless videos." It's safe to say Lucy's passion paid off as Hester transformed into an adept and striking mare worth her weight in horse feed.

A Match Made in the Stable: Laura Collett and Hester

Recognizing Hester's potential, Lucy attempted to sell her, but none of the offers met her expectations. This setback prompted Lucy to make a gutsy decision - to retain Hester and entrust her training to a capable rider. This is where Laura Collett makes a gallant entrance.

Laura, a rising star in the equestrian scene, was on the lookout for a capable mount. Seeing Hester's potential, she decided to partner with the mare. The partnership that followed flourished, yielding impressive results and a coveted qualification for the Mars Badminton Horse Trials.

Onwards to Badminton: A Story of Belief and Determination

Sharing Hester's journey so far, Lucy says, "It's an extraordinary feeling to see Hester thrive under Laura's care. I hope our story encourages other small-time breeders to believe in their horses and pursue their dreams."

The Mars Badminton Horse Trials, one of the most esteemed events on the equestrian calendar, dignify Hester's talent and the unfaltering dedication of both Lucy and Laura. The excitement as they prepare for the competition is palpable. The journey from the breeder's home in Somerset to international competition stage is an emphatic testament to the power of belief and determination.

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