A Premier Equestrian Paradise: Broomfield House

Welcome to Broomfield House, a tastefully designed family home located in the serene and picturesque village of Upper Denby in West Yorkshire. However, it is more than just a haven for families - the property is a thoroughbred facility for equestrian lovers. On offer for a fair price of £2.295m courtesy of estate agents, Strutt & Parker, Broomfield House presents a combination of luxury living and optimal passion for horses and potentially lucrative business opportunities.

Comprehensive Equestrian Facilities as a Unique Selling Proposition

Set within 17.32 acres, Broomfield House offers an expansive domain. Feast on the added benefit of an additional 16.38 acres that could be separately negotiated for a wider expanse. As you canter around, you'll marvel at 22 well-designed stables, a washroom, a tack room, a feed room, and even an office as part of the substantial commercial equestrian setup. Such extensive facilities could make even the most ardent horse enthusiasts giddy-up with excitement!

And that's not all. Enclosed paddocks and wide-open fields provide ample space for horses to roam, bearing witness to the sunrise or enjoying the cool breeze of the evening. An all-weather arena makes sure that equestrians can always continue their training, regardless of the weather, a clear challenge to even the best Weather Channel predictions!

Lucrative Business Opportunities

Besides catering to those with a special bond with horses, Broomfield House presents enticing business capabilities. Given the comprehensive equestrian setup and extra space, there lies potential to develop the site further. Scores of equestrians would certainly clamber over one another at the prospect of utilizing such high-quality facilities.

Luxury and Versatility in Family Living

Notwithstanding the equestrian allure, Broomfield House stands tall as a comfortable home for any large family. The residence features five reception rooms punctuated by a well-equipped kitchen with a central island and built-in appliances, and a utility room. This deft blend of class and practicality makes the residence equally ideal for both a quiet family dinner and entertaining guests.

Equestrian Properties & Real Estate Investing

Broomfield House is an attractive option for the discerning real estate investor. Counter to the conventional adage, it's not always 'location, location, location', but sometimes, 'equestrian, equestrian, equestrian'. With rising demand for equestrian properties in West Yorkshire, Broomfield House is more than just a home; it’s an investment garnering potentially higher returns.

Unfinished Business: Future Research

As the equestrian property market grows, the demand for information in the area is as frenzied as the final furlong in the Grand National. Key areas for further research could include studying how the introduction of equestrian facilities increases property value, and identifying the specific factors that affect equestrian property values, including location, size, and the local equestrian community's influence. This research would contribute valuable foresight into the future trends of the equestrian property market in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.


Broomfield House, with its lavish yet homely living spaces, comprehensive equestrian specifications, and potential business opportunities, is an exquisite embodiment of luxury and practical love for horses. Current and future market insights reiterate the promise of equestrian property developments, making Broomfield House a premier property to consider whether you're a seasoned investor or a horse enthusiast looking to give their passion a suitable home.

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