Saddle Up for the I.C.E Horseboxes All England Dressage Festival at Hickstead

With an abundance of anticipation and excitement in the air, the acclaimed I.C.E Horseboxes All England Dressage Festival is returning to Hickstead from 7-12 May 2024. As it gallops into its fourth year, this high-profile event continues to draw in fans and riders alike, all eager to experience the exhilaration of national dressage classes and the knowledge imparted by experts in the field.

An Exhibition of Talent and Skill

The Dressage Festival has gained a reputation for being a platform for nurturing talent. Participants from across the globe bring their best to the arena, showcasing the results of hard work and dedication. The event serves as a fantastic opportunity for riders to display their skills, and for spectators to take in the pageantry and athleticism of top-tier dressage.

A Spotlight on Gareth Hughes

One person who seems to embody both athleticism and hard work is equestrian maestro Gareth Hughes. As a member of Britain's gold medal-winning team at the FEI Dressage European Championships, Hughes has made significant contributions to the sport. His prowess doesn't stop there - he also bagged the coveted LeMieux Premier League FEI Grand Prix title in 2022.

Learning from a Champion: The Gareth Hughes Masterclass

Participants at the festival are in for a rare treat. Notable dressage rider Gareth Hughes will be sharing the breadth of his expertise in a special Masterclass. This exclusive experience provides attendees with the unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of the industry's best. A Masterclass from someone of Hughes's caliber is not only insightful but can also be transformative for dressage riders seeking to up their game.

What To Expect

From horse-riding enthusiasts to professional riders, the I.C.E Horseboxes All England Dressage Festival caters to all. With an array of national classes on offer and the headline Masterclass event, the week-long festival promises to be an engaging and educational spectacle.

The festival is an event you certainly don't want to miss. But in the midst of the excitement, attendees should not forget to keep themselves informed about potential disruptions, including the upcoming M25 closure. Stay updated by visiting the official Hickstead website at

In conclusion, mark the dates in your calendar and prepare yourself for a captivating equestrian wonderland at the I.C.E Horseboxes All England Dressage Festival at Hickstead!

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  5. The significance and structure of dressage Masterclasses in enhancing skills.

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