Special Prize Winners Shine at 2024 Badminton Horse Trials

The 2024 Mars Badminton Horse Trials has drawn to a thrilling close, and with it comes the announcement of the special prize winners. These prestigious awards celebrate extraordinary performances of horses and riders across numerous categories. Join us as we delve deeper into the accomplishments of these highly sought-after prize winners.

Top Mare and Fastest Rider Receive Top Honors

Standing out among the champions was Greenacres Special Cavalier, ridden by Caroline Powell. This exceptionally gifted mare bagged several awards, including the Challenge Badminton Horse Trials Trophy for its owners and the Mars Equestrian Yeti Cool Box and Lemieux rug for Caroline Powell. This remarkable performance is a clear testament to Powell and her horse's unwavering dedication and hard work.

Recognition for Other Prize Winners

Aside from Greenacres Special Cavalier, other celebrated prize winners were announced including those for top three riders, best British rider, and best young rider under 25. These commendations shine a spotlight on the prodigious skill and talent within these riders. Watch this space, as we're eager to follow their journey and achievements in the years to come.

Welcome to the Front Row - Badminton Horse Trials

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Honoring the Unsung Heroes: Horse Grooms

While we often find our gaze fixated on the riders and horses who bask in the limelight, let's not overlook the impact of horse grooms. The unsung heroes of the equestrian world, they play a critical role in the success of the event, consistently ensuring the health and well-being of race participants, THE horses. We're appreciative of their relentless dedication and salute their invaluable contribution to the event.

A Wave of Long-Lasting Impact

Without a shadow of a doubt, the 2024 Mars Badminton Horse Trials special prize winners will create ripples of lasting impact on their careers and shape the landscape of equestrian events. As the equestrian world anticipates their future strides, it's thrilling to envision how these winners might grow, evolve and influence the sport.

Curious to learn more about the 2024 Mars Badminton Horse Trials, including detailed profiles of key winners and understanding the prize awarding processes? Be sure to check out the Horse & Hound website at www.horseandhound.co.uk.