The Equestrian Community Bids Farewell to Five-Star Winner Seacookie TSF

When it comes to five-star eventing champions, few horses leave an indelible mark comparable to Trakehner gelding, Seacookie TSF. The equestrian world recently bid an emotional goodbye to the majestic Seacookie, who was euthanized at the age of 25 following an impressive career and nearly ten years of a joyful retirement.

A Legacy Cut Out for the Winner's Circle

Bred for top-level competition, Seacookie resided with owner Catherine Witt and was ridden by none other than celebrated equestrian William Fox-Pitt. Seen and admired by William at Boekelo, the future relationship of the pair started when Catherine was keen on buying a horse for William.

Not only did Seacookie turn heads at a glance, but his impressive career curve earned him the much-deserved admiration. The charismatic gelding's list of accomplishments includes winning Pau, Blenheim, and earning a second spot at both Burghley and Kentucky before retiring at the end of the 2014 season. "What memories he left us with," said Catherine.

"Riding an Elastic Band"

Seacookie was renowned for his effortless performance on the field. As described by William, "He was an athlete, who found eventing light and extravagant. It was like riding an elastic band." With his unique mannerisms, Seacookie's demeanor was more endearing than challenging. His quirks were visible in his slight spookiness and peculiar opinions. However, he didn't possess a nasty bone in his body and provided William with thrilling rides at the five-star level.

Competitive Streak and Steadfastness

Seacookie's competitive streak earned him recognition in various events. He participated in the Badminton in 2010 but did not complete due to a health issue. However, he redeemed his performance with a second spot at Burghley in the same year, went on to win Blenheim in 2012 and came second at Kentucky in 2013, the year he also won Pau.

Reflecting on their journey, William fondly remembers, "Second at Burghley was sweet, but with a little edge as we came so close. He was such a fighter; he’d never give up." Seacookie's triumphant win at Pau was a significant relief for the duo as he had been close to glory quite a few times before it.

Retirement and Legacy

Following a noteworthy career, Seacookie finally hung up his boots, retiring in good health. He spent his post-career retirement with Catherine, living in luxury and leading a cheerful life. "He retired sound, and I had him for nearly 10 more years." Catherine noted that he was a very gentle horse to have around with a slight cheeky side.

Even though he did not look like a typical event horse, he was a true performer when he set foot on the field. Catherine feels very blessed to have had him for as long as she did and states "He was beautiful."


The loss of a beloved horse is indeed heartrending. However, it is the treasured memories and legacy that carry on. Farewell, Seacookie, you will be remembered with delight for your spirit, determination, and victories you brought to the equestrian world.

Source: "‘He was such a fighter; he’d never give up’: farewell tributes paid to five-star winner" by Eleanor Jones, Horse & Hound, March 16, 2024