As an aspiring equestrian, you might be pondering the query, "Do I really need to own a horse to succeed in high-profile equestrian sports?" . As per insights from experienced trainer and judge, Dana Hart-Callanan, the answer is a resounding no. However, owning a horse can certainly provide a handful of benefits.

The Pros of Owning an Equestrian Partner

Owning a horse can undoubtedly cultivate a distinct personal connection and sense of responsibility. After all, there’s something special about calling a majestic creature like a horse, your own. This bond can fuel your desire to improve, drive your passion forward, and make you strive to become the best rider you can be . But here comes the catch- owning a horse is not just about loving and bonding, it comes with its own set of financial obligations.

A Realistic Glimpse at the Cost of Horse Ownership

One of the major hurdles that prospective equestrians face is the cost of owning a horse. Expenses range from buying and maintaining the horse, catering to its retirement needs, and countless more. The cumulative expenses can become quite awe-inspiring. However, if the thought of these costs causes shivers, leasing is an ideal alternate path.

An Economical Alternative: Leasing a Horse

Leasing offers an experience similar to ownership, sans the long-term financial commitment. It proves to be an affordable option , freeing riders from the massive financial burden, and still providing ample opportunities to gain invaluable experience and hone equestrian skills.

Can I Get Regular Practice Without A Horse?

Hart-Callanan believes that regular practice is crucial for achieving success in high-level equestrian sports. Without owning or at least leasing a horse, it becomes a challenge to find opportunities to practice and sharpen one's skills. A funny but a hard fact!

The Emotional Benefits of Owning a Horse

The emotional perks of horse ownership are one to consider, especially from a parental perspective. The bond between a rider and horse is a thing of beauty and owning a horse nurtures a sense of accomplishment and pride. The resultant emotional connection can be a driving force for striving for excellence .

To Own or To Lease: What’s Better?

While it is not necessary to own a horse to succeed in high-profile equestrian sports, Hart-Callanan indicates that ownership may offer an edge that leasing may not. If your bank balance permits, owning a horse can nurture a deep feeling of ownership, a personal connection, and an emotional bond that nothing else may match.

Conclusion: Ownership, Leasing, or Neither?

Ultimately, the choice of owning or leasing a horse boils down to the rider's circumstances. Both note a commitment to improvement and regular practice is the key. Quality practice, dedication, and hard work can help riders soar their equestrian dreams sky high. Victory is not confined to ownership or leasing .