Turning Passion into Profession: New Products Editor Position at Horse & Hound

Are you an equestrian enthusiast with a distinctive flair for writing? Perhaps you have always dreamt of combining your love for horses and passion for the written word? If so, the recent job opening at Britain’s leading equestrian media platform, Horse & Hound, might be the perfect opportunity.

About the New Products Editor Position

Following an internal promotion, Horse & Hound is now hunting for a talented individual to join their team as a New Products Editor. This full-time position allows the successful candidate to work flexibly from home while playing an essential role in equestrian journalism. The duties of the role involve working hand in hand with the head of e-commerce to generate useful content such as product news, product reviews, buyers’ guides, and supportive articles. These pieces are to be crafted both for their weekly magazine and high-traffic website.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate would harbour a sincere passion for horses and riding and possess an in-depth understanding of equestrian products and services. This role calls for exceptional writing skills, an ability to attract and engage with different audiences, and a number of high-profile industry contacts. Strong IT literacy is also a must to work with the demands of a weekly magazine and managing the fast-paced website. Having experience in print publication or online is a coveted credential, though it is not a stringent requirement. At the end of the day, the highest bidding goes to the candidate who is able to put their passion, knowledge, and writing prowess on full display.

Benefits of the Role

Aside from the immense satisfaction of indulging in what you love, the chosen candidate will also score the unique chance of working from home. This offers the flexibility of setting personal work schedules while contributing significantly to the equestrian community. Joining the esteemed rank in the Horse & Hound media platform also helps amplify the candidate’s professional network and gain valuable career experience.

Unfolding Opportunities in the Equestrian Industry

Given the dynamic nature of the equestrian industry, there are constant updates on new products and services. As a New Products Editor, staying atop such trends and producing accurate, unbiased reviews will be beneficial to consumers and industry professionals alike. This role marks the significant role product reviews and guides play in equestrian journalism. Moreover, in the wake of remote work arrangements becoming the norm, it is worth discussing the implications on the journalism industry, and the challenges as well as the opportunities it offers.

In Summary: Opportunity Beckons!

The position of the New Products Editor at Horse & Hound is a stellar opportunity for individuals who are horse lovers with striking writing skills and a thorough understanding of the equestrian industry. The option to work from home only sweetens the deal! For anyone interested further in the field, it will be rewarding to study trends in equestrian products and services, the significance of product reviews and guides in equestrian journalism and various career pathways within an equestrian media platform.

Looking to turn a passion into a profession? Then saddle up to join Horse & Hound!