An Equestrian's Dream: Living in the Majestic Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle

If fairytales have taught us anything, it's that everyone dreams of living in a castle at least once. But what if, beyond just living the royal fantasy, your castle also accommodates your passion for equestrian pursuits? Enter: Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle, a majestic castle in Italy that offers a blend of opulent living and extensive horse-related amenities. Listed with Sotheby's International Realty, this property is a horse lover's dream come true.

A Luxury Homestead with Equestrian Facilities Second to None

Located just 20 kilometers away from the bustling city of Rome, the Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle boasts an impressive historical lineage tied closely with the world of equestrianism. The famous racehorse Ribot once called this castle home. Today, it offers a comprehensive package for the modern equestrian, including stabling for 65 horses, an array of functional arenas, breeding facilities, and both indoor and outdoor horsewalkers.

Amenities that Cater to Contemporary Horse Showjumping

The facilities at Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle are nothing short of a showjumpers paradise. The ample space of the outdoor arena facilitates both training and competitive events, while the roofed arena provides a sheltered, comfortable setting for perfecting one's horse riding prowess. The castle's breeding facilities offer resources for those inclined towards starting their horse breeding programs.

Unsurpassed Natural Beauty and Accessibility

The ethereal charm of Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle isn't just reserved for its equestrian facilities. The castle's 74-acre plot offers boundless exploration opportunities within the enchanting Italian countryside. The location enjoys the dual benefits of seclusion and convenience. Nestled in nature's cradle, the castle is also conveniently located close to Roma Urbe Airport, making travel a breeze for jet-setting horse lovers. To add to the castle's allure, a prestigious golf course is just a short trot away.

A History as Vibrant as its Surroundings

Built between 1560 and 1575, the Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle brims with historical intrigue. Notably, Queen Christina of Sweden, a known equestrian enthusiast, was a recognized guest. Surely, if equestrian pursuits were good enough for royalty, they would be a great pastime for castle's future residents too!

More Than Just an Equestrian Paradise

While the castle's stellar equestrian facilities are an enforceable selling point, the castle's appeal extends much further. It's the luxurious living spaces, splendid architectural approach, and picturesque surroundings that make Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle a unique haven for anyone seeking a matchless lifestyle that combines creature comforts and a connection with nature.

In conclusion, whether you're an equestrian at heart, a seeker of luxury, or someone who values historical significance, Largo Dell' Olgiata Castle is an extraordinary property worth considering. Its rich history, adept equestrian facilities, and breathtaking surroundings intertwine to make it not just a home, but a lifestyle.

Source: Article prepared with reference to an article by Gemma Redrup