If you've been yearning for an escape to the idyllic countryside without cutting ties with the bustling city, then do saddle up. We're about to take you on a grand tour of a dream equestrian property nestled in Lawford, Essex that delivers just that!

An Equestrian Home for all

This exceptional four-bedroom equestrian home promises the best of both worlds. A breath of fresh country air and the hustle of city life, bundled together with an appealing price tag of less than £1m. It doesn't matter if you're an equestrian enthusiast or akin to the 'non-horsey' partners; you're bound to fall in love with this property's unique charm.

Commute-Escape Balance

Daily commuting to London doesn't have to feel like a grand derby. The property is remarkably just a seven-minute drive away from Manningtree station, providing swift direct services to London Liverpool Street. Such accessibility makes the property a choice destination for city worker and offers a refreshing break from the city's concrete landscapes.

Equestrian Facilities

The equestrian facilities at this property are simply dazzling and would make any horse enthusiast's heart gallop! It boasts of three brick stables, an open store, a workshop, a sand school, and fenced paddocks, providing ample opportunities for horse riding, training, and care. Your equestrian adventures await!

Added Features

But wait - there's more! The property also features a veg plot, perfect for those with a green thumb who'd love to grow their own produce. Moreover, you'll find local equestrian centres, horse-racing venues, and the striking coast within your accessible radius. It's country living, city convenience, and a load of recreation all in one package!

Considering the Value

Investing in such a property isn't just all about the beautiful architecture and the appealing surroundings, though that's a huge plus! Its proximity to London, combined with stellar equestrian facilities, puts an exclamation point on the whole package. Whether you're a seasoned horse whisperer or someone who prefers the horsepower of a city life, this investment provides solid value for money.

Wrapping Up

This equestrian property offers an experience that puts a unique twist on conventional property hunting. Perfect for those who love the outdoors and still want to keep the city within reach. It's a delightful blend of English country living and London commuting convenience. No matter what side of the fence you're on - it's certainly one to consider.

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