With a sublime mix of seasoned professionals and sprightly up-and-comers, the British Dressage Team is set to make its mark at the highly anticipated Aachen Dressage Days. Scheduled to take place on May 21-22 in 2024, this prestigious event is known for stirring anticipation among sports fans worldwide and justifiably so!

Aachen Dressage Days - A Perfect Mix of Talent and Tenacity

The Aachen Dressage Days event is a celebration of equine talent and human tenacity. It’s a place where the best horse-rider combinations from around the globe gather to pit against each other, making it a must-watch in the international dressage calendar.

Say Hello to the British Big Guns

We are not horsing around when we say that the British team for CDI3* Big Tour is looking quite impressive. Star dressage rider Charlotte Fry will be competing with her horse Glamourdale, a name that suggests glamor and dazzle. Joining her in the roster is Anna Ross Partnering with Habouche, a combination that promises elegance and strength.

The Small Yet Mighty

The CDI1* Small Tour draws attention as it introduces burgeoning talents and is hence popular among horse enthusiasts and experts alike. Our very own Charlotte Fry will be making an appearance with Kjento, while Lara Butler will be paired with Amiek C. These combinations exude promise and are expected to make a substantial mark in the event.

Young Blood in the Fray

The CDIJ category, tailor-made for junior riders, is the breeding ground for future champions. The names of the British representations are yet to be revealed, but considering the country's rich history in the sport, it's safe to expect a stellar performance.

Partnerships That Make a Difference

Preparation for such high-profile events is no walk in the park. It requires rigorous training, strategic planning, and substantial support. Fortunately, the British team can count on backing from their partners and sponsors including BettaLife, Premier Performance, and SaraCen Horse Feeds. These organizations play a pivotal role in ensuring the team's readiness for the competition.

In conclusion, as we gallop swiftly towards the Aachen Dressage Days, fans of the dressage league can eagerly look forward to an enthralling competition. Rest assured, the British team, represented by these talented horse-rider combinations, is poised to make a significant impact on the international stage.

In the wise words of Walter Zettl, a renowned dressage trainer and coach, "Correction does much, but encouragement does more." Here's sending a wave of encouragement towards our British Dressage team, and we can't wait to see them perform!

For more information on the Aachen Dressage Days and the British dressage team, be sure to check out the official websites of BettaLife, Premier Performance, and SaraCen Horse Feeds.

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