An Equestrian Showcase: The 2024 Hickstead CDI

Calling all horse riding enthusiasts, professionals, and admirers! Get ready to bookmark your calendars because one of the most awaited equine events is making a swift gallop towards us. The Hickstead CDI3*/CDI1*/CDIU25/CDIY/J/P/Ch-A competition is scheduled from May 9th to 12th, 2024. This prestigious event, held at The All England Jumping Course in West Sussex, is an unparalleled exhibition of international equestrian excellence.

The Hickstead CDI: An International Stage

Brimming with talent, skill and years of rigorous training, the competition will showcase a selection of spectacular athlete pairs - skilled riders and their noble horses - from Britain. The competition, in essence, is a world stage where those at the peak of their prowess strive for victory.

Once the competition begins, the ground will be divided into three categories: the Big Tour, Small Tour, and the Under 25s. Fanning the flames of anticipation and excitement, the tournament will feature many noteworthy riders including Henriette Andersen, Louise Bell, and Charlotte Dujardin. Regular followers of the sport would know that these participants are renowned for their unparalleled equine prowess and dedication to equestrian excellence.

Catch the Equestrian Excitement on H&C+

For those who wish to be part of the thrill, but are unable to attend the event in person, fret not! Thanks to Horse & Country's live streaming service, H&C+, you can be part of the excitement from the comfort of your own home. Fans and enthusiasts worldwide can now watch the event live, making the world of international equestrian competition more accessible than ever.

Impact On Local Economies

The Hickstead CDI is much more than just a thrilling competition. It's a major event within the equestrian calendar, attracting riders and their faithful equine counterparts from all corners of the globe. These international events have an immense impact on local economies, drawing a significant number of visitors and generating considerable revenue for local businesses. The economic uplift is a welcome boon for many in the region.

British Dressage: The Mantle-Bearers of Equestrian Events in Great Britain

The role of British Dressage in promoting and organizing leading equestrian events like the Hickstead CDI in Great Britain cannot be overstated. Their efforts continue to provide exciting opportunities and platforms for riders and their equine partners, allowing them to showcase their skills on a grand scale.

The Hickstead CDI is a splendid blend of equestrian excellence, economic advantages, and an opportunity to learn and appreciate the commitment and dedication that goes into competitive dressage. For those with an interest in the equestrian world, this is an event that should not be missed!


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