Exciting times are ahead for the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), as they welcome Fields Wicker-Miurin OBE FKC as the new chair, effective from the first day of July, 2024.

A New Dawn for British Equestrian

Having held prestigious leadership roles across a range of sectors worldwide, Fields Wicker-Miurin brings a wealth of expertise to her new position. In particular, her groundbreaking work focused on formulating and incorporating environmental and social policies is widely recognized. As a believer in using 'belonging' as a potent tool to enhance lives, her appointment bodes well for the future growth of the sport.

Wicker-Miurin has a deep and personal connection to the equestrian world, having enjoyed horse riding, training, and competition. Her passion for the field coupled with her skills gained from remarkable leadership roles guarantees a fresh and innovative approach.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

A strong proponent of diversity and inclusion, Wicker-Miurin is set to steer the field of British Equestrian into a more equitable and inclusive direction. This commitment is crucial, especially within equestrian organizations, where diversity and inclusion can assist in demolishing boundaries and establish a welcoming environment for all.

Navigating Post-Covid and Post-Brexit Challenges

With the equestrian industry in the UK expecting challenging times in the aftermath of Covid and Brexit, Wicker-Miurin’s arrival couldn't have come at a better time. The industry's future hinges on its capacity to adapt and innovate. Wicker-Miurin's experience and knowledge could be instrumental in guiding the direction of the industry.

Influence of Corporate Leaders in Sports

The trend of corporate leaders like Wicker-Miurin joining sports entities is on the rise. They bring forth valuable skills and experiences from their corporate backgrounds, which can aid sports organizations in dealing with intricate difficulties and prosper in a swiftly changing environment.

Leaders’ Quest and Its Influence

Wicker-Miurin’s association with the social enterprise Leaders’ Quest is worth noting. This establishment is known for molding leadership roles and honing leaders to bring about successful transformations in their respective organizations and societies. It stands to reason that her exposure to this innovative environment will influence her leadership style and strategy during her tenure.

Overall, the addition of Fields Wicker-Miurin to the chair of the British Equestrian Federation symbolizes an exciting new era for the organization. Her varied experiences combined with her drive for diversity and innovative leadership style could help the BEF successfully tackle the challenges of the post-Covid and post-Brexit era, thus shaping the future of the equestrian industry in the UK.

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