Giddy Up: The Kentucky Three-Day Event Cross-Country Start Times Revealed

As the echoes of the starting horn for the much-anticipated Kentucky Three-Day Event grow louder, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the grand equestrian showdown. Known as a significant cross-country event, the excitement is particularly tangible this year, with start times for the elite contenders now made public.

Bridling The Excitement: The Schedule

The racing day begins with the CCI4*-S competitors embarking on their cross-country courses. Feel the ground shaking already? That's pure horsepower. The short format event promises an exhilarating beginning, an appetizer for the main course to follow.

Following this initial event, the spotlight swivels onto the five-star competitors. US rider Sara Kozumplik spearheads this challenge, entering the course atop her majestic steed, Rock Phantom. With a start time of 1:30 pm local time (6:30 pm for the British audience), mark your calendars. This event is too exciting to miss.

Every Four Minutes: The Pacing

No room for a breather here. The five-star contenders gallop off at fierce four-minute intervals. This pacing ensures back-to-back edge-of-your-seat suspense, a testament to the thrilling atmosphere this event brings. Following Kozumplik, we have another duo—Phillip Dutton accompanied by his second ride, Azure—with a start time of 3:46 pm local time (8:46 pm British Summer Time).

The Brits Are Coming: Notable International Participants

British and Irish riders are champing at the bit, ready to put a dent in the competition. Notable names from across the Atlantic are Susie Berry, Kirsty Chabert, Yasmin Ingham, Oliver Townend, and Tom McEwen. Keep the kettle hot; these competitors may disrupt your evening tea times with start times ranging from 2:12 pm to 2:32 pm local time.

Key Contenders Start Times:

US and New Zealand riders are also looking to command their presence with prominent start times revealed. A quick breakdown, we've got Boyd Martin at 2:36 pm, Tim Price at 2:44 pm, and Lauren Kieffer at 2:52 pm—prime time to stake their claim at glory.

Stay in The Saddle: Keep Up With the Coverage

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