Lucienne Bellissimo, a British-born event rider who has made her name in the US, recently shared her unique perspective on the notable differences between eventing in the US and the UK. As a participant in the prestigious Kentucky Three-Day Event, organized by Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP), she offers firsthand insights into what sets these two equestrian scenes apart.

Transition from a British Beginning to an American Adventure

Lucienne's journey into the world of eventing started at a tender age in the UK, where she developed and honed her riding skills. The course of her life took an unexpected turn when she got married to Mark Bellissimo, the Chief Executive Officer of Equestrian Sport Productions, a leading equestrian event production firm in America. This brought Lucienne to the US, where she continued her illustrious eventing career.

Distinct Approaches to Eventing

Discussing the idiosyncrasies of eventing in both countries, Lucienne said: "Eventing in the US is a different way of doing things. The courses are bigger, and the time pressure is more intense. In the UK, we focus more on the technical aspects of the sport, whereas in the US, it's all about speed and power."

This observation underscores the different approaches to eventing that both countries take. UK eventing is known for its rich history and tradition, with a clear emphasis on technique and precision. On the other hand, the US accentuates the essence of speed and brute power, mirroring the larger courses and added time pressure.

Influential Individuals in Eventing

Lucienne's illustrious career also attests to the impact of significant personalities in the equestrian world. Her husband, Mark Bellissimo, for example, has made a tremendous impact on the US equestrian scene through ESP. His efforts in orchestrating large-scale equestrian events like the Kentucky Three-Day Event have brought international attention to the equestrian scene in the United States.

The Role and Impact of Horse Scout

Another fascinating aspect to note is Lucienne's creation, Horse Scout. It is a digital platform aimed at revolutionizing the equestrian industry by offering a centralized platform for buying, selling, and leasing horses. The platform's impact on the equestrian market and how it influences the careers of riders is an intriguing subject worth investigating.

Impact of Switching National Allegiances

Lastly, the effects of athletes changing national alliances is another notable topic. Lucienne's personal journey from the UK to the US beautifully highlights the unique challenges and opportunities that come with representing a new country in international competitions.

In summary, the experiences of Lucienne Bellissimo as a British rider now competing in the US provide a wealth of information about the contrasting eventing practices in the UK and the US. Her insightful experiences have put a spotlight on the traditions, techniques, and business models that have shaped the equestrian scene in both countries. Delving deeper into these areas can continue to broaden our comprehension of this riveting sport and its global impact.

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