The equine world was deeply saddened by the passing of Sheila Brooks, a renowned breeder and respected judge. Her contributions, dedication, and unwavering passion for the Highland pony breed left a lasting mark, which will undoubtedly persist in generations to come.

A Lasting Legacy

Born into a farming family, Brooks' love for ponies was fostered from a young age. Her childhood fascination led her to establish the famed Corriegarth Stud. With an intention to consistently produce "good forward going riding ponies," her dedication became apparent through the celebrated success of her horses in the show ring.

An Unmatched Endeavor

In addition to establishing Corriegarth Stud, Brooks served on numerous equine committees and judging panels. This journey heightened her insights and distinguished her as a sought-after judge in the equine world. Her fair judgments, coupled with her deep knowledge and breadth of experience, earned Brooks respect from all quarters.

Significant Contributions

Brooks' dedication extended beyond just breeding and judging. She made vast contributions to the Scottish Equine Breeders Association and the National Pony Society. She was instrumental in promoting and preserving the Highland pony breed. These efforts deeply ingrained her legacy into the equine world, shaping the future direction of the native pony community.

A Legacy Continues

Despite the void left by Brooks' passing, her legacy continues to live on. The reins of the Corriegarth Stud have passed on to her granddaughter, ensuring the lifelong work and dedication of Sheila Brooks persists. Her influence in the Highland pony breeding and judging community will inspire and navigate future breeders and enthusiasts for years to come.

A True Champion is Remembered

The world of native ponies treasured Sheila Brooks, and her absence leaves behind a deeply felt void. Her unwavering dedication, in-depth expertise, and fierce passion for breeding and judging will remain in our memories. Her legacy offers continuous guidance and inspiration to those who will follow in her footsteps. The charismatic Sheila Brooks was a true champion of the native pony world; her vibrant spirit will be missed.

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