Empowerment of Emerging Equestrian Professionals: A Dive into British Equestrian's Young Professionals Programme

If passion had hooves and could gallop, it would be found in the equestrian sector—a bustling, vibrant universe powered by the ardor and commitment of youthful professionals. Recognizing this potential, British Equestrian launched the Young Professionals Programme, a Sport England-funded venture fashioned to amplify both personal and career advancements of young enthusiasts in the equestrian arena. Curious about when to saddle up and get in the race? Brace your excited horses, for applications for the yesteryear-ish 2024/2025 cohort shall open on the 1st of August, 2024. Hitting the ground in 2017, British Dressage, British Eventing, and British Showjumping have all had a hand in the implementation of this program—resulting in an assorted and fulfilling experience for the participants.

A Program with Substance

The pulsating heart of this programme is an assortment of 12 interactive workshops, provided through both in-person and online sessions. Designed to equip young professionals with much-needed skills and know-how, these workshops encompass crucial areas such as leadership, communication, and time management. Dive into these workshops and emerge not just as any equestrian, but a well-rounded equestrian expert with an increased comprehension of the sector, an arsenal of critical skills, and a solid network of important contacts.

Transitions have never been this Smooth

The programme doesn't just stop at personal development. It serves as a supportive saddle, ensuring a smooth transition of riders from youth pathways to professional equestrian workplaces. Navigating the obstacles of entering the workforce can be quite a challenging hurdle but fear not, for this program is concocted perfectly to enhance young professionals' skills and boost their confidence.

Acknowledging the Contributors

Let's not forget to tip our hats to the programme's partners like MyCavago, Cavalordirect, and Finesse Bridles. These organizations, with their valuable resources and expertise, contribute to moving the programme's horse ahead.

Moving Forward

As the equestrian sector surges ahead towards growth and evolution, it's paramount that the next generation of professionals be invested in, nay, be championed in. The Young Professionals Programme is not just an initiative, but a crucial stepping stone towards shaping the future of this dynamic industry. If you're a budding equestrian professional, the gates will open on 1 August 2024. So, gather up your ambitions and join a growing community of talented and devoted professionals through this programme.

Potential Research Avenues

Uncovering more about the Young Professionals Programme could span research topics such as:
  • The influence of the Young Professionals Programme on the careers of young equestrian professionals
  • Assessing the tools provided by the programme, for instance, interactive workshops
  • The journey from youth pathways to professional equestrian workplaces
  • Understanding Sport England's role in financing programmes akin to the Young Professionals Programme
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