Imitating Success: The Winning Tactic at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships

As the age-old saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." But in the case of the 2024 NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships, imitation not only offers flattery but also casts the magic spell for success.

The Game-Changer: Roland Tong and CHS Fonteyn

The championships saw an applaudable performance from Roland Tong and his mare CHS Fonteyn. The duo, with their irreplaceable chemistry, claimed the crown in the Magic Prix St Georges (PSG) Freestyle Gold Championship scoring a notable 73.29%.

What's his mysterious secret for the triumph? It turns out - it's no magic potion but rather a strategic studying of YouTube videos. It's more fun when you learn that the videos were not any random equestrian performance, they were the showcases of Charlotte Dujardin, a globally admired equestrian star with four Olympic gold medals to her name!

Tong mentions how he imitated the freestyle strategy of Dujardin - a bewitching blend of expertise, technique, control, and passion, to muster his winning performance. A remarkable exhibition that imitation could indeed lead to innovation and success.

Music – An Unsung Hero

An exciting highlight of Tong's performance was the unique musical background composed by Gaynor Colbourn. Synthesizing an astonishing twenty-seven diverse instruments, the music added an emotional and artistic appeal to the performance. This subtly indicates the significant role music plays in equestrian freestyle performances, often overlooked but sincerely acknowledged by those involved.

A New Star in the Arena: Dannie Morgan and Fever Tree

The championship's Elementary Freestyle Gold Championship was no less stirring. Dannie Morgan and his six-year-old stallion, the splendid Fever Tree, emerged victorious with an impressive score of 79.29%.

Fever Tree, a striking horse bred by the renowned David Stone of Bow Lake Equestrian, surely has a gleaming future ahead, considers Morgan. A reminder that passion when blended with potential can yield extraordinary results in any field.

The Power of Imitation and Dedication

The triumphant stories of Roland Tong and Dannie Morgan serve as bountiful inspiration. It mirrors a reminder of how critical learning from the champions, clubbed with perseverance and dedication, can lead to grand success. The equestrian world, indeed, stands as a living testament to this golden principle!

While spectators and equestrian enthusiasts wait for future championships, it would be intriguing to watch the career trajectories of these accomplished riders and their horses, as much as studying the strategies and achievements of Charlotte Dujardin. And yes, not to miss, the melodies that add an extra dimension to these elegant performances.


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