Get Involved: Summer Sores Awareness Week is Coming

If I told you that Summer Sores Awareness Week was kicking off on April 15, 2024, would you mark it in your calendar? If you’re a horse owner, you most certainly should. This is not the Grand National or the Epsom Derby, but it’s every bit as crucial for equine health. So put your jodhpurs on because we're galloping straight into it!

Summer Sores: How a Little Nuisance Becomes a Big Pain

Sponsored by Phovia Equine, Summer Sores Awareness Week is designed to spotlight an oft-overlooked villain in the equine world—Habronema larvae. These nasty little critters cause summer sores, otherwise known as habronemiasis, an unpleasant skin condition that can make a horse’s summer feel more like a winter in Siberia. The sores often present as open, draining wounds on the horse’s legs and face, making it painful for horses to get around or happily munch on their sugar cubes. So, it’s more than just a little annoying sunburn!

Understanding the Habronema Menace

These pesky parasites aren’t just famous for causing summer sores. Habronema larvae can also trigger other health problems like anemia and weight loss in horses. Understanding the life cycle of these parasitic bad boys and what kind of "horseplay" promotes their growth can equip horse owners with the knowledge to fight back and protect their beloved companions.

Saying Neigh to Summer Sores: Prevention is Key

Now, nobody wants their horse having to bear the brunt of these summer sores. It's why the Summer Sores Awareness Week is stepping in to help horse owners understand the prevention and early event recognition of this nasty affliction. Though veterinarians have both antibiotics and surgical interventions at their disposal for treating summer sores, an old saying rings true here - prevention (usually involving occasional stable clean-ups and diligent parasite control) is better than cure. (Especially when the ‘cure’ might involve a scalpel!)

Equine Health: More Than Just Summer Sores

While we're still buckling up for this upcoming Awareness Week, it's important to expand our horse health horizons beyond summer sores. One such area, that's often neglected, concerns Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS).

EMS can make horses more prone to parasitic infections, including the dreaded Habronema. Managing EMS through proper nutrition and exercise (i.e., more hay, less lay) can, therefore, reduce your horse’s risk of developing summer sores and Keep Calm and Neigh On.

To Sum It All Up

All said and done, Summer Sores Awareness Week, sponsored by Phovia Equine, is an incredibly important event. Not just because it educates, but because it empowers horse owners to take an active role in maintaining their equine friends' health. By putting a spotlight on this condition, we can ensure our horses continue to gallop freely and furiously (unless they're in a living room, of course).

Stay tuned for more details about Summer Sores Awareness Week. Remember, healthy horses are happy horses. But horse owners with all this new knowledge? They’re happier yet!

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