British Dressage, the national governing body for the Olympic sport of dressage in the UK, is excited to announce the selection of horse and rider pairs who will be representing Great Britain at the esteemed Windsor CDI4*.

Distinguished Pairs Leading the Charge

In the sport of dressage, the harmony between rider and horse is of utmost importance - a seamless blend of the two creates gymnastic grace that is a sight to behold. The following selected pairs are some of the UK's best in dressage:

  • Louise Bell and her charming "Into the Blue"
  • Lewis Carrier, partnered with the formidable "Diego V"
  • Emile Faurie riding alongside the beautiful "Bellevue"
  • Gareth Hughes and the majestic "Classic Goldstrike"
  • Nikolas Kröncke teamed with the kinetic "Flanell"
  • Lisa Marriott and the graceful "Valucio DH Z"

With these talented combinations, British Dressage is highly optimistic about its representation in one of the world's biggest dressage stages.

Significance of Windsor CDI4*

The Windsor CDI4* is a high-profile event in the equestrian world, with a rich history of hosting extraordinary talent from across the globe. This competition speaks volumes about the prominence and global popularity of dressage, and the participation of British Dressage truly emphasizes its commitment to this exquisite sport.

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Anticipation for the Windsor CDI4*

As the date of the Windsor CDI4* comes closer, the exhilaration among fans and participants grows. With such impressive horse-rider pairs, the competition promises to be an intense and captivating event. Stay tuned!

Article written by British Dressage.
Links referenced: Shufflebottom Buildings, Fairfax Saddles.