Matt Sampson: Carving His Name in Showjumping History

In the showjumping arena, brilliance is recognized in split-second victories. Enter Matt Sampson, a British rider who has recently made his mark with an exciting triumph at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. This hard-earned victory came with great sighs of relief, especially after two consecutive years of watching the top spot slip away by a mere fraction of a second.

Matt Sampson: Master of Horses

Born with a raw passion for horses, Matt Sampson, a British native, has spent years refining his riding skills under the guidance of reputed horse trainers. The years have seen him climbing his way up the showjumping ladder, cementing his place by bagging numerous titles and accolades.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show: A Showjumping Paragon

The Royal Windsor Horse Show, a premium equestrian event, attracts the best of the best from around the world. The opening 1.45m speed class stands as one of the most competitive events, with riders grappling for the elusive, shining title. Sampson, well-seasoned and ever-prepared, came close twice but fell short by seconds.

Lessons from Past Hurdles

Sampson's tale is one that resonates with the famous saying: "so close yet so far." In 2019 and 2020, he ended as the runner-up in the opening 1.45m speed class at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, each time missing out on victory by the slightest fraction of a second. However, these weren't failures, just stepping stones to the grand victory that awaited him.

MGH Candy Girl: A Small Wonder

A significant player in Sampson's victory tale is MGH Candy Girl, the small yet speedy mare that Sampson rode. Despite not being the largest horse on the course, MGH Candy Girl demonstrated that size isn't everything when it comes to winning. With her agility and Sampson's adept handling, they edged past competitor Laura Kraut by exactly 0.04 seconds.

The Competition: A Battle of the Greats

The Defender Challenge Stakes wasn't just about Sampson and MGH Candy Girl. The event was rife with showjumping pillars, including Harrie Smolders and Ben Maher, each bringing their finest skills to the fore. The competition burned hot and fierce, with riders demonstrating precision and agility in the face of intense rivalry.

The Road Ahead: The Rolex Grand Prix

Following his successful stint at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Sampson is now eyeing the Rolex Grand Prix. Given his current form, a win at this event isn't too farfetched. Sampson is all geared up to dazzle the tournament riding another horse, Daniel. In conclusion, Matt Sampson's journey, chalk full of determination, swift executions, and a deep faith in his horses, has finally earned him a deserving position in the annals of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. His story, from the brink of victory to actual triumph, serves as a beacon of hope for budding riders and a stark reminder that perseverance indeed pays.


The information from this article was referenced from an original article titled ‘I finally got it!’: Brit celebrates first Royal Windsor 5* win after missing out by hundredths of a second twice.